Yum-fruit: the slimming breakfast that makes us feel good

Yum-fruit: the slimming breakfast that makes us feel good

The recipe for the famous Miam-ô-Fruit circulates on the net and makes a lot of talk on the forums. There are really addicts to the magic plate of France Guillain, this ex-navigator who has drawn, during her sailing trips around the world, what she considers to be the epitome of well-being … and even happiness ! She actually got one Method which she explains in a book which is published this month by Editions du Rocher.

But what is there in this Yum-ô-Fruit? Only natural and organic ingredients! Five in total, no more no less, because the recipe, extremely codified, must be followed to the letter. “Be careful, warns its inventor, this recipe is too often distorted on the internet, therefore ineffective”. The right formula is composed as follows:

– 1/2 banana : mash with a fork until it is liquid and slightly brown (in order to improve digestibility).

– Oils : 2 tsp. to s. organic rapeseed oil (balanced in omega-3 and omega-6) or 1 tsp. to c. linseed oil + 1 tsp. to s. raw sesame oil. Emulsify with mashed banana, like mayonnaise, until completely absorbed.

– Oil seeds : 1 C. to s. level of finely ground flaxseed (omega-3) + 1 tbsp. shaved finely ground sesame seeds (calcium) + 1 tsp. to s. a mixture of your choice of 3 other crushed seeds (cashew, peanut, walnut, hazelnut, sunflower, pumpkin seed, etc.). You can even opt for a teaspoon of peanut butter without added sugars.

– Lemon juice : 2 c. to c. freshly squeezed lemon juice (it is an alkalizing and non-acidic fruit as we think).

– Seasonal fruits : at least 3 varieties. Apple, pear, kiwi, papaya, mango, lychee, pineapple, strawberry, passion fruit, dragon fruit, currant, plum, mirabelle plum, peach, apricot, blackberry, cinnamon apple, etc … Especially no dried fruit (absence of vitamin C), or citrus fruits (orange, mandarin, grapefruit, clementine) or melon or watermelon which digest too quickly.

The recipe is reminiscent of Dr. Kousmine’s famous Budwig cream, icon of healthy cooking, which already advocated, 50 years ago, this raw, natural and cold meal, composed entirely of fresh products: oil seeds, lean milk, raw cereals, fruits and first cold pressed oil. If France Guillain recognizes herself in the approach of the Russian doctor, she explains that the genesis of Miam-ô-fruit is rooted in her childhood in Polynesia. “When I discovered Budwig cream, it was tilted because it looked like our Tahitian recipe rich in seeds and fruits that we ate in the morning. A very homogeneous, ecological recipe: nothing cooked, without intrusive foods like cereals “. Why no dairy products in the “MOF”? “Because it complicates digestion, argues the interested party. But I am not anti-milk. Nothing prevents from consuming it at another time if it is tolerated.”

Yum-oh-fruit: why is it good for us?

It’s a real cell regenerator“, assures with conviction France Guillain who, at 74, still surfs and weeks of 70 hours. Proof that his Method, it keeps! Sophie, forties, who discovered the” MOF “this summer speaks with joy , like a revelation. “It feels great, I feel better, I am no longer hungry in the morning, I am no longer bloated. It’s a bit long to prepare at first, but once you have all the ingredients on hand, it’s easy. It’s just a little routine in winter because the fruits are not very varied“.

Yum-ô-fruit: when is it eaten?

Morning, noon or evening… It doesn’t matter, according to France Guillain. Athletes appreciate it 1 hour before a marathon, for example, because the combination of these ingredients distills progressive energy without feeling heavy. Women on a diet take it in the morning as an appetite suppressant because it is a great bulwark against snacking … “Provided you chew well, in small bites, for a good salivary impregnation, she advises. Ideally, balance the rest of the day, this time taking inspiration from Yum-Ô-5. This 5 element meal exists all over the world. Most often, it is a unique dish, such as cuckoo or paella, with a cereal, a legume, vegetables, animal protein, a good raw oil that is added to your plate. Or you can eat it at other meals of the day: 1 green salad + oil, 1 slice of organic bread (cereal) with hummus (legume), 1 boiled egg (protein). Or 1 soup with potatoes, vegetables, coral lentils, grated cheese + raw olive oil instead of fresh cream.

In fact, Yummy-fruit is part of a ritual which includes the clay cure (to drain, raise the iron, repair small lesions in the intestine …) and the derivative bath (we sit above a bidet filled with cold water, 30 min two or three times a day, or on gel packs cooled in the freezer). The explanation? “It is not enough to eat with intelligence, answers the tireless long-distance traveler, it must also circulate throughout the body. The objective: restore the freshness of the perineum, which has a direct influence on our internal temperature , the muscles of the perineum and all that surrounds it. The action is immediate on the motility of the intestine… “. And if we don’t do all that, does “MOF” make sense anyway? “Yes … We can very well only adopt Miam-ô-fruit or start with the derivative bath and then slowly take ownership of the method”.

And what do nutritionists think? Angelique Houlbert, author of “The Recipes of the GI Diet”, by Thierry Souccar, replies that she is not against the “MOF”. “Some of my patients do it in the morning and say they are not hungry. Logical since it includes proteins and lipids, the two essential pillars for stalling. In the morning, we do not have to consume carbohydrates: bread, cereals! “. But not too fat? “This meal brings good fats, so it’s better than butter, agrees our expert. We will nevertheless take care to limit its consumption of lipids during the day to a tablespoon of olive oil at lunch to brown the vegetables for example “. But Angélique Houlbert is more reserved about the proportion of fruit. “The glycemic load (carbohydrate content + Glycemic Index) of bananas is significant and it combines with that of other fruits. Therefore, I do not recommend it to people who suffer from type 2 diabetes.” What France Guillain challenges …

In short, beyond bickering between experts, we can grant at least three virtues to the “MOF”: increase the fruit ration in those who do not eat it at all and for whom this does not pose any concerns, refuel omega-3 and antioxidants, allow satiety to avoid snacking in the morning. It is up to everyone to try and observe the benefits, especially digestive, that they can derive from it.

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