Where to make love in summer?

Où faire l

Do you like making love in original places? Each season opens doors for you. Here’s where to make love in the summer, before the cold and gloom come back and the vacation ends.

We gave you 7 ideas for unusual places to make love here. And with the beautiful days, we decided to go further: summer opens the field of possibilities. Go on an adventure!

On a motorway service area

It is not every day that we take a ride on a highway area. In summer, hats on your head and sunglasses well fitted, we stop at the little areas a little lost, known for their Turkish toilets and their shortage of toilet paper. Not a cat, a piece of countryside, picnic tables, trees and three rocks for decoration. In the distance, the flow of cars which reminds us that everyone drives at high speed while we take our foot tenderly, to celebrate the beginning or the end of the holidays.

In empty offices

Since everyone is deserting the company and we have planned vacations out of season, we take advantage of the air-conditioned meeting rooms or our double-locked office, in which no one will disturb us. Even the cleaning lady has flexible hours. It’s time to put your files on the ground and have fun where you often take the lead. Just ask our lover to pick us up in the evening, we show him around the premises before leaving. Unless he’s already there and we met him at the photocopier last night.

On the tiling

It is not in winter that we would lie on the frozen tiles to make love. But in summer, when the heat is at its height and a need for freshness begs us, the cold ground is a perfect option, while we just pay attention to our back or our knees. You can also play with ice cubes. This is how in summer, we find ourselves making love in the kitchen, a room that seems a little creepy and not always welcoming the rest of the year.

At the beach and at the pool

Obviously. The midnight swim and the sunset that takes our eyes hostage are a perfect romanticism, which makes us want to embrace and revel in a tender and sensual sexual intercourse. We avoid the boring sand by walking a few more meters. The pool is also waiting for us, this time inside. The well-being of water mixed with sexual pleasure is the golden combination to flourish against each other. Beware, however, of condoms that can slip. We prefer a trusted partner. As for the risk of getting stuck, it is an urban legend.

In the shower

We already thought about it, besides we did not deprive ourselves in February. But in summer, the shower or the bathtub make us an eye, although our green side reminds us of order, just like our lack of flexibility. Not easy to find the right position, but we must admit that the water that slides over our bodies is as refreshing as the massages that we agree. We opt for a few preliminaries, just to save water and end up in bed, more comfortable. After yes, we’re hot, we stick and we sweat, but who says “no” to an animal report from time to time?

In nature

It’s not cold, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors. The small forest which overhangs our country house, and even the garden, stretch out our arms to us. We don’t want quilts, sheets, cushions to fly, we just want to be in contact with the air, the lawn or a tree trunk. We feel even more naked than naked. And then we blow up the walls, which gives us a feeling of prohibition. Terribly exciting.

At weddings

It’s wedding season, and since we celebrate love, we can isolate ourselves in the kitchens, in our car or in a corner of the garden of the large house rented for the weekend. Nothing is more exciting than getting laid while the newlyweds dance and spin, raising their glasses on engagement. We hear the music in the distance, the speeches and the laughter in front of the photos that pass by, and we hide in the shed for our little party before returning to drink a cocktail or two.

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