Where to give birth? Questions to ask yourself before choosing your maternity

Où accoucher ? Les questions à se poser avant de choisir sa maternité

In 9 months, your baby will be there and it is already time to worry about your future motherhood. But where to give birth? Private clinic or hospital, cesarean and epidural rate, medical team present on D-Day, level 1, 2 or 3 … There is no shortage of questions!

When you get pregnant, the practical questions arise very quickly and especially that of choice of maternity. But, do we really have a choice? “Yes !“immediately answers Lise Bartoli, clinical psychologist, specializing in perinatal care.”Women can give birth where they want. It is up to them to choose the geographical location, the nature and the specifics of the establishment where they are registered.“, she explains. Even if of course, each maternity is different : they are cataloged in three levels which indicate their degree of specialization. Only pregnancies called “at risk” are automatically directed by their gynecologist to the type 3 maternity. What are the preferred criteria for choosing maternity ? When to register? Who to ask for advice? We take stock.

If you do not follow your usual gynecologist, it is better to do it in the first trimester because places are expensive, especially in big cities and even more in alternative clinics “, Details the specialist. Know that to register you will be asked for your first ultrasound or at least the blood result of your pregnancy test. However, even if it is very strongly advised to register because you will be expected and therefore much less stressed, no maternity has the right to refuse you the day of your delivery. From the point of view of the law, this would be considered as failure to assist a person in danger. In some regions such as Ile-de-France, you have to think about it when the pregnancy is announced. You can also visit several maternity hospitals if you wish to ensure the comfort of the premises. But a very comfortable maternity with spacious rooms should not be your only criterion of choice.

The length of stay in maternity varies from 3 to 5 days, if the delivery took place naturally. It will last 6 days if a cesarean has been performed. Ask your maternity hospital, as the duration varies depending on the establishment.

“In private clinics, doctors are directly responsible for their actions”

The comfort and quality of care in private maternity versus hospital security ? It’s kind of the idea we have of it. In reality, what is it really?

  • The healthcare professional. First difference: you will not be delivered by the same healthcare professional in the two establishments. At the hospital, delivery takes place in the presence of a midwife (except complications) while in a private maternity, it’s an obstetrician-gynecologist who does it.
  • The price: be aware that in the private sector, costs are generally higher than in public hospitals. In fact, doctors sometimes charge excess fees at your expense.
  • Comfort. Convenient and comfortable sides, it is true that it is generally easier to obtain a single room in private maternity hospitals. Finally, very large public maternity units, which manage a high number of deliveries a year, sometimes have a little less time and less staff available to support the future mother.
  • The responsibility. Furthermore, what distinguishes public maternity hospitals is that the practitioners who work there are employees of the hospital establishment while in private establishments, they are liberal doctors paid in fees. “The latter are therefore directly responsible for their actions, unlike doctors in public maternity hospitals, who are responsible through the insurance of the establishment“specifies Dr. Rozan, president of the National union of obstetrician gynecologists of France. This is what explains in part that the number of deliveries practiced in the private sector fell appreciably during the last thirty years. many French departments no longer have private maternity wards.

If you have the choice, you can register where you want, even far from your home because there is no sectoring, but before making your choice, however, do not hesitate to ask all the questions that are worrying you at the time of your registration: what would happen in case of complications? Where would the baby be transferred? Know that maternities are classified according to three levels.

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