What tattoo for my wrist?

Quel tatouage pour mon poignet ?

We can see it when a sleeve is rolled up, and in summer, there is no need to be asked to be admired: the tattoo on the wrist has more than one reason to make us crack and we reveal them to you.

Whether you are thinking of a first tattoo or you are an aficionada of indelible ink, tattooing on the wrist necessarily makes your eyes soft. Thanks to its versatility first, because it can be discreet and easily hide under a watch or bracelet, or on the contrary make the show with a larger and colorful pattern that will not go unnoticed.
This tattoo can also be done in different places: on the wrist, inside, or on one of the two sides, but it can also take the form of a thin bracelet or a cuff more or less wide.
A tattoo on the wrist can also prove to be the starting point for a larger pattern that can eventually extend over the forearm and arm, or even the hand. It is also not gendered, it appeals to women and men, and is in fact intended for people who can and want to show that they are tattooed, because as small as the pattern is, it can always be seen at one time or another. To start with you, who will be able to see it every day: then be sure to choose a drawing or a message which is particularly close to your heart, and which will spark up in you a positive thought every day.
You can also opt for a couple tattoo, which will echo that of your other half: you will choose a complementary tattoo, on the same theme, with the same motif or even a tattoo divided in two, which will only make sense once your wrists are brought together. More romantic, you can’t!

But – many other possibilities of tattoos on the wrist stretch out your arms: we think of patterns that can be made in small format like the timeless feather, butterfly, bird, cross, heart and diamond. Flowers are obviously always popular at this point of the body with a lotus flower or a rose, colored or not, and more or less worked. Choose a theme that you are passionate about, such as travel with a minimalist world map, or an oriental jewel to remind you of the love of a culture.
You may also prefer a symbolic tattoo, whose meaning speaks to you particularly: a tree of life, a dreamcatcher, a mandala, the sign of infinity or even an important date for you.
Do you prefer a tattoo with letters? The wrist is an ideal place to tattoo the initial or first name of your loved one or your children, or a word, a mantra that energizes you.

It is always difficult to discuss the pain of a tattoo because it depends on several factors: the pain threshold which is personal to us in the first place but also the psychological aspect. Being more or less relaxed during the session will indeed play an important role in pain management.
We know, however, that a tattoo on the wrist can cause more acute pain because the skin is thinner there. Same thing for the outside of the wrist which, in addition, has more bony areas.
But the good news – because there is one – is that this tattoo is usually done on a small area, and therefore finished faster. Phew!

If it is not dangerous per se, tattooing the wrist will require a little skill because this part of the body often reveals veins. Don’t hesitate to seek advice from a seasoned tattoo artist to find out if it is recommended that you get a wrist tattoo.

For the price of a tattoo on the wrist, count at least 50 €, knowing that the price may rise to a hundred euros and more, depending on the complexity and size of the pattern of course but also the reputation of the tattoo artist. In any case, ask for a quote to avoid unpleasant surprises!

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