What tattoo for my arm?

Quel tatouage pour mon bras ?

If the tattoo on the arm was once reserved for the male gender for example to express their love for their mother and for the sea, it now also pleases women full of character. Will you be tempted?

You know it, the arm is one of the essential parts of the body where you can get a tattoo, but a tattooed arm will always surprise more if you are a woman. The arm remains indeed synonymous with strength and virility, and was the place of choice chosen by men like sailors or fairgrounds, for their tattoos. A woman will show a willingness to break the codes and to show herself as she really feels with a tattoo on arm. You can also choose not to show it if you locate it in a place where it can easily be hidden by a sleeve for example. It will remain your little secret, shared with your friends only, or revealed in the summer when you want.

Many options are also possible with a tattoo on the arm: you may prefer a discreet tattoo, located inside the arm, on the biceps, or outside. But you can also have in mind a larger project and then use the entire area, by tattooing the whole arm, with even the shoulder and forearm. You can also choose if you only want to tattoo one arm or both, with patterns that echo each other for example.

The tattoo you choose for your arm will obviously depend on the rendering you have in mind.
If you want a small, simple tattoo, then choose a motif that you like, quite simply, such as an arrow, a feather or a diamond, or even a bird or a butterfly that can signify your thirst for freedom. A symbolic tattoo will also find its place on an arm, like the sign of the infinite or the yin and the yang for example. You can also get a tattoo of an important date for you or your couple, the initials or the first name of your other half or of your children, or a word like a mantra that holds a particular importance in your life.
But an arm can obviously accommodate a much larger tattoo and we often find floral themes which are still very popular: a real bouquet of roses, like a traditional American tattoo for example, with bright colors, bold edges and shadows, or even like a watercolor. A more minimalist colorless version may also be more appealing.
The tribal tattoo, ultra graphic, and the traditional Japanese tattoo, colorful and full of myths and natural elements, will express themselves particularly well on the arm, and will no doubt seek to extend towards the forearm afterwards!
Other ideas of patterns for a tattoo on the arm: a more or less large mandala, and a dream catcher, more or less worked, which will fall along your arm.
Nothing obviously prevents you from mix patterns and complete your tattoo, this evolving work of art, as you go along, with the same tattoo artist or different specialists.
If you are more tempted by a tattoo with letters, you can opt for song lyrics, a poem or a book extract that is particularly close to your heart, in a font that you have previously selected.

You guessed it, the price of a tattoo on the arm will depend on many factors, such as the fame of the tattoo artist but also the size and complexity of the chosen motif (s): this will indeed determine the number of hours that the professional will go on to work – and it can be important in some cases! Before you commit, request a quote to your tattoo artist, by explaining in as much detail as possible what you want to achieve, you will avoid many unpleasant surprises.

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