What tattoo for couples?

Quel tatouage faire en couple ?

You and your lover are solid, so why not make this love a tattoo? A beautiful declaration with two voices as a real commitment for the future. Before you get started, let us inspire you!

Nothing better than couple tattoo to seal a love that we know is eternal, to show the whole world its pride in sharing the life of this exceptional being and also to be able to think of our beloved when we wish, as soon as we look at this permanent drawing.
You may wish to celebrate a milestone of your couple : a wedding, the birth of a child, a birthday … Or this tattoo for two represents a new beginning, a commitment that seems more important to you than a piece of paper, or simply a stroke of madness in love!
Whatever its meaning, obviously make sure you think carefully before taking the plunge, and take the time to choose the part of the body and especially the motif or the phrase that you want to tattoo. It absolutely must be according to your desires both : if any relationship requires concessions, this does not apply to tattooing! It will have to please both people in a similar way.

A complementary tattoo

What could be more appropriate for a romantic tattoo than two complementary models that will only really make sense when they are reunited – just like your couple! We thus find echoing tattoos like puzzle pieces or even Tetris for the most geeky, yin and yang, a bow and arrow, a key and a lock … There is no shortage of ideas! Also think of male and female duos like a king and a queen represented symbolically by a different crown or a chess piece for example, a lion and a lioness, Mexican skulls man and woman, famous characters like Mickey and Minnie or coming from a cartoon or a favorite film for your couple. We also like the very American “his / hers” and “Mr./Mrs”, which we can for example write in a heart. We can also think of matching tattoos, on the same theme, like that of nature for example. The best will be to place this type of tattoo on the same part of the body so that the complementarity is even more obvious but free to you, of course, to choose the location.
To go even further in this commitment to indelible ink, you can opt for a pattern divided in two, which will only be complete when your tattoos are in contact. We think of half a heart or a lifeline on the forearm or on the wrist, two characters linked together by a thread on your calf or your foot, or a beautiful mandala to complete on one side of the back. But it can also take the form of a sentence that you particularly like, cut in half, separated or not by an ellipsis.

The same tattoo

Another possibility for a tattoo for two: to wear the same pattern or the same sentence for example to evoke a common passion (a film, a book, a sport, etc.), which can make your tattoo particularly original. Newlyweds may also want a couple tattoo on their finger, such as drawing a wedding ring or the initial of their spouse’s first name on the ring finger.
Another example of a discreet little tattoo can be the symbol of infinity located for example on the inside of the wrist or on the side of the hand.
You can also get a tattoo important date in your eyes, that of your meeting or your marriage, in Roman numerals or not, on the forearm or along a finger.

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