What is the best day to make love?

Quel est le meilleur jour pour faire l

If we like to say that it is evening or morning, Monday or Saturday, what day and at what time do we ideally prefer to make love? Sunday morning at 9 a.m., it seems! But what about the other times of the week?

Researchers asked 2,000 witnesses what day and what time they preferred to have sex. In this study from the British Pharmaceutical Institute Superdrog, relayed by the Daily Mail, it appears that Sunday morning 9am is the perfect time, followed closely by Saturday, auspicious day, from 10:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. or in the morning from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. If the weekend is at the top of the podium, it is because we are rested and therefore more available. The week is not one of the best: metro, work, dodo. Sex hardly finds its place. We take stock with for and against different times of the week, just to get inspired, also to remember that when it comes to sex, everyone has their time.

Weekdays at 8 a.m.

For : If it is not easy to open the eye, early morning sex has its advantage: it wakes up. This is enough to take a good dose of energy for the day because during love, we secrete dopamine, neurotransmitter precursor of adrenaline and norepinephrine, which make us euphoric. Sex is a real anti-fatigue, even more coffee is needed! We also note that the morning is a good time for men: their testosterone level is higher, which tickles their desire for naughty pleasure (in women, it does not move). To be perfectly awake and not collapse with part of your legs in the air, it is better to opt for active sex! We move around and avoid staying with our eyes closed, our bodies asleep. We can certainly start smoothly, but we are gradually increasing the activity.

Against : In the morning, between the alarm clock that makes us mad and our delay for work, it’s not easy to find the moment and make myself available for sex. It’s the race, we fight for the bathroom, our minds are cluttered with a day that is just starting. Not everyone feels willing and there is no point in forcing yourself. To have fun, the main thing is to be completely present to yourself! And it is without forgetting Monday mornings, more difficult than the others, where we prefer to sulk and stay in our corner to wake up gently and face the week.

Weekdays at 8 p.m.

For : We haven’t had dinner yet, we’re in good shape and while the gratin is browning in the oven, we’re enjoying a tender moment on the sofa, between two drinks of aperitif! Fatigue is not yet felt and eat after, the body still trembling, what a treat.

Against : We are too hungry, we had a bad day, we barely returned from shopping and we decided to embark on an infeasible recipe that will bite us two hours (but will please our stomach). Difficult to surrender to sex in a hurry and in between. During the week, sex at aperitif time requires a minimum of organization: pass everything after and think of us!

Weekdays at 11 p.m.

For : It’s finally a moment for us! We find ourselves in bed, both, after two crazy days. We have done what we have to do, the warmth of the duvet diffuses in us a feeling of tenderness and well-being. Sex before sleeping, if we don’t get agitated like crazy and don’t take down the fifteen curtains of the barrack, help to fall asleep. For that, you have to be a little tired, spend a quiet and intimate evening and prefer the bed to fall directly into Morphée’s arms.

Against : When the fatigue is such that our two bodies do not respond. But that’s not all: if our partner and we don’t have the same pace, chances are that one of them will fall asleep before. See you missed, but don’t bother making cheese. If we need to sleep, we sleep.

Weekends, any time

For : On weekends, as the study shows, if we are resting, we are relaxed and therefore available! This is the perfect time for many couples who take advantage of this break to meet.

Against : Being with your mother-in-law…

Enjoy! Anyway, each his moment, his preference, his pace. The key to sexual fulfillment is to do as you please. There are no rules regarding good times, just as there are no rules in terms of the number of reports per week or month.

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