What is a temporary tattoo?


Not really ready to take the step towards an indelible inscription on your skin? Bet on the temporary tattoo, ideal for a summer or to know if you are really made to commit.

Have you been envious of it for many months, but are you still a little scared of the idea of ​​a tattoo for life? Do not rush at the risk of regretting your decision, and take the opportunity to test different temporary tattoos which will very well be an illusion for an evening or for a holiday in the sun.

The choice of your temporary tattoo will obviously depend on the use you want to make of it. If it is for example to enhance your look for an evening using a skin jewel, a simple decal will do very well, as some beauty brands offer in stores. Likewise, for a one-off event such as a birthday, a BLE or even a wedding, you can bet on temporary and even personalized tattoos, which your guests will love to use. We think in particular of with its original and quality creations, or even My Little which offers a tattoo bar, ideal for a party. For a slightly longer lifespan of your temporary tattoo, between 1 and 2 weeks, you can bet on a house kit, with stencil and ink to apply yourself, and which will allow you to obtain a rather stunning result, fairly close to a permanent tattoo. However, you will need to be patient because between the application and the exposure time, the process can take 1 to 2 hours. Also be sure to always use an ink of natural origin and dermatologically tested to avoid any skin irritation, like that proposed by the brand INKA.
If the auburn color does not displease you for your temporary tattoo, you can of course turn to the henna, which will also extend the longevity of your tattoo – up to 3 to 4 weeks depending on the exposure time. Again, be careful to trust only a professional who will use a 100% natural henna., therefore without added substances (to make it black for example).

The choice in the patterns will obviously be more limited than for a permanent tattoo but you will still find many options to have fun and change your style regularly. A golden temporary tattoo to highlight your tanned skin, a rose or an arrow always as trendy to test, a cuff tattoo to impress, but also a word, a quote or a discreet pattern on the finger: treat yourself and start the week again after!

The idea of ​​a tattoo that does not commit us for life but accompanies us all the same long enough is certainly attractive but the result is subject to controversy. Why ? First of all because the semi-permanent tattoo, carried out with lighter pigments, can in certain cases, for certain skins, be more durable than expected, and thus take much longer to fade than the 6 months initially announced – in some cases, several years! Worse, the tattoo sometimes does not disappear completely and leaves a not really aesthetic shadow. Add to that patterns not always as successful as those of permanent tattoos and you get a tattoo mode that we can not recommend.

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