What if the man in your life was right before your eyes?

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We bet you have already heard this sentence: “ten years that she knew this guy without paying attention to him and imagine that they will get married!” Interesting. And if you too, you crossed your future love every day without noticing it? Here are ten guys to take a closer look.

Because these men belong to our habits, are part of a decoration or a memory, we do not look at them. In fact, they wear a costume: the costume of childhood, the costume of the “buddy”, the “brother of a girlfriend” or even the “cashier of the district”. And we, we stroll in search of love without even realizing that the man of our dreams is already there. Besides, he also certainly did not notice that the ideal woman swayed two meters from her big eyelashes. So let’s stop staring at love at ten billion milestones and extend our geolocation settings to the apps of dating. Let’s look at the men around us: among them maybe the one of our life…

Mathieu Dupont, the plump of the 6thB

When we think of “Mathieu Dupont”, we see this plump little boy, red cheeks, a snack in his hand. We had quilts and didn’t really want to talk to her. Still being that we grew up and that twenty years later (thanks to Facebook or our large network), we chat from time to time with Mathieu Dupont in the evening. A real canon, an interesting, funny and good-natured guy. We do not necessarily see it, because of this filter of the past which blurs our eyes. And suddenly, the click.

Robin, our friend’s friend

We have a friend (Albert), who often hangs out with his friend (Robin). And it’s funny how both go well together. By dint of seeing them both hang out, they become one. So much that we don’t consider Robin as Robin, but as the-guy-who-is-always-with-Albert-you-know-the-one-who-is-a-little-blond. What we know is that it is a shame that this young man does not have a first name and an approximate hair color…

Our girlfriend’s brother

Most of our friends have brothers. Since they are part of their family, an unconscious barrier stands. Because “my friends’ brothers are my brothers” (dirty)? Because we don’t want to get confused with a friend? What unnecessary brakes. Do not close your eyes and have fun listing all the brothers who revolve around us. There is a lot of people.

The pharmacist

Ten years that he has worked there, ten years that we have lived there. It is crossed once or twice a month for a box of Doliprane, a stomach ache or a stroke of the limp which requires vitamins. He knows us by heart (as will be seen from our hemorrhoid suppositories and the ordering of our IUD) and he is cute like everything with his blouse. The problem is the blouse. The blouse that makes him a little too pharmacist. What if we decided to take it away (with the eyes)?

The next door neighbor

In our building, we notice the new neighbors (they make noise with their boxes), but there are also the old neighbors and especially the one opposite. We never looked at him because he lives so close to home that it is embarrassing. Besides, it would be known if love was on its landing. So we don’t calculate it, we even find it fishy (he lowers his head when he gets home) (and sometimes he comes home late, but other times very early) (so weird). Aren’t we going to ask for salt there?

The son of friends of our parents

The world is populated by sons of friends of parents. We all remember our parents who receive bottles of wine on the table (saying that they were our age in fact) and us, at five, seven, eleven, who were playing upstairs with ” the other little one. ” He had a bowl cut and a lot of authority (“I tell you that you suck at Mario”). Today, we meet him again on the birthdays of our old people, we kiss and greet … Come back!

The canteen

Seeking love at work, we do it. Except that it is sought in the corridors of the company, in meetings and at the machine coffee. If there is one man we have never looked at, he is the one to whom we have entrusted our appetite for the day for six years. Fries, please. Bleeding, please. The gratin, please. Scoop: it’s not called “please”.

The yoga teacher

We did not wait for yoga to be a trend before trying. After several years of attendance, we say: we are Zen (but still single). However, the teacher, it is not because he drinks seven liters of green tea a day in the lotus position that he is not sexed. For those who do not do yoga, it also works with all the sports teachers from all over the planet, whom we have always refused to look at because “he must find me fat and not gifted …”.


He’s been there for years and we’ve been saying hello for years after weighing our zucchini and buying five chocolate bars. He is the greatest witness to our moods. And we never look him in the eye, only in the badge, “Julien at your service”. Would you do me a favor? A coffee after your day?

The postman

All the factors are not more than fifty years old and have a mustache. In real life, the postman is sometimes young, sometimes bearded-hipster, sometimes close-shaven. Every day, he comes to our house and slides good and bad news into our mailbox. We only see him like that, like a messenger, a passing guy. And if one day, he dropped us a package and never left again?

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