What are the risks of getting a tattoo?

Se faire tatouer enceinte : quels sont les risques ?

Tattoos are gaining more and more followers, but they are not recommended for expectant mothers. What are the risks if you get a tattoo during pregnancy? Can we have an epidural at the time of delivery? Advice and warnings from Dr Nicolas Kluger, dermatologist.

Pregnancy and tattoo do they get along well? Can the anesthesiologist ask the epidural at the time of delivery if you have a tattoo on your lower back? What are the risks and reasons why a tattoo is not recommended for pregnant women? Elements of answers with the dermatologist Nicolas Kluger.

Jdo not recommend tattooing during pregnancy. We have known for a few years that tattoo inks contain nanoparticles that pass through the circulation and cross the placental barrier. They can therefore be transmitted to the fetus during pregnancy“, notes Dr. Nicolas Kluger, dermatologist. These nanoparticles can, according to some studies, accumulate in the organs and have inflammatory, respiratory, cardiovascular or neurological consequences. The other risks associated with tattooing are infectious.An infection caused by a tattoo can sometimes be a problem for the doctor, especially with regard to the choice of antibiotic to prescribe, which is limited during this period. However, the risks of hepatitis infections normally no longer exist in those who are tattooed by professional tattooists“notes Dr. Kluger. Finally the last reason is practical. Women who are late in their pregnancy find it difficult to lie down and endure a tattoo session for a long time.

Contrary to popular belief, tattoos done in the lower back do not contraindicate the pose of the epidural. “A few years ago, some anesthesiologists thought that by pricking through a tattoo, they were going to core the pigments, deposit them around the marrow and cause inflammation. It is a completely theoretical and hypothetical risk: it has never been demonstrated. On the other hand, it is rare to have a tattoo on the entire lower back and the anesthesiologist can always prick on an uncovered area. If it cannot be avoided, there is no contraindication for the anesthesiologist to prick through the tattoo “, emphasizes Dr. Kluger.

For the same reasons as during pregnancy, avoid getting a tattoo while breastfeeding due to nanoparticles that also pass into breast milk and can therefore be passed on to the baby “emphasizes Dr. Kluger.

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