Weight loss after childbirth: how to do it?

Perte de poids après l

Remember that weight loss after pregnancy is gradual and gentle! When to start sport? What to eat if I breastfeed my baby? What activities to practice? We coach you to get back in shape after pregnancy.

You wish lose your last pounds of pregnancy ? Be patient and motivated and above all, do not compare yourself to the stars who appear on Instagram with a flat stomach one or two weeks after giving birth! Do we have to remember that most of them are followed by sports coaches and nutritionists during and after their pregnancy? Additionally, as with any diet, it is never advisable to lose your pounds too quickly, and with this new rhythm of young mother, you will have to take the necessary time, on average between 7 to 9 months after delivery. But this is not impossible! Admittedly, the lack of time and sleep will sometimes prevent you from finding the necessary strengths, but you can absolutely do some exercises with baby, or enjoy it while he sleeps. The main thing is to give your body time to recover from childbirth. What to eat if I am breastfeeding or bottle feeding? When to start sport? We tell you everything about the weight loss after pregnancy.

Return of diapers, breastfeeding … Qwhen to start losing weight?

When you’re a young mom, it’s best to do not start a diet too quickly due to the anemia that often follows childbirth. It is indeed essential to leave a little time for your body while maintaining a suitable diet. This actually increases the chances of success in losing weight afterwards. To avoid any deficiency, do not start a diet before the return of diapers.

It is essential to have A balanced diet and to prepare, as far as possible, homemade dishes. It is better to abstain from eating sugary or too fatty foods, and rather focus on lean meats, fish, starchy foods, skimmed dairy products and of course fruits and vegetables. Eat dried fruit also allows to bring omega-3, which are in particular a good bulwark against the baby blues. During the day, to satisfy small appetites, you can for example eat a handful of almonds, sources of vitamin E, magnesium, potassium but also fiber. Also remember to drink a lot, between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day. If you feel the need, do not hesitate to consult a nutritionist who will help you change your eating habits. Remember that a diet that is too strict would not be effective since it could disrupt your eating behavior in the long term.

A breastfeeding woman should not go on a diet. And for good reason: his diet must cover his nutritional needs, like those of his baby. “However, it is important that she does not gain weight. Especially since young breastfeeding mothers often lose weight naturally“, explains the dietician BĂ©atrice Benavent-Marco, at Women’s Journal. If you are breast-feeding your baby, tell yourself that your diet should be more or less the same as when you were still pregnant. You should therefore not consume alcohol. However, you can now eat cold cuts and raw milk, contrary to popular belief. There is indeed no risk of transmission of listeriosis or toxoplasmosis to the baby.

Childbirth by vaginal route with or without episiotomy, cesarean section… Depending on your situation, you can resume sport more or less quickly. In general, it is better to seek the advice of your gynecologist or physiotherapist who can assess whether it is better to re-educate the perineum before resuming any sporting activity. This could indeed have medium and long-term consequences such as urinary leakage or organ descent. Better to be reasonable!

If you have to be vigilant about your perineum, it is also essential to gradually and gently resume the sport as soon as you can. The easiest way for a young mother is to walk. With baby in the stroller or baby carrier, you can walk at your own pace and for as long as you want. You have no pressure and do not need to warm up or stretch. Convenient ! The yoga, with or without a baby, and the swimming, except in the case of a caesarean, are also ideal. After a few months, you can also (re) get started. jogging. This sport will help you regain a slimmer figure and a good sleep. With the appearance of runner strollers, young mothers can even run while walking baby. However, be careful to secure the baby and choose a stable ground. Please note that there are also special “young mom” gym that help tone your body. A good way to drain all your energy!

Contrary to popular belief, lactating women can also return to sport. Here too, it is necessary to favor soft sports and avoid ball or combat sports. In addition, prefer a sports session after feeding so as not to be embarrassed by a small tension in the chest, and remember to have a suitable bra! If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek advice from your gynecologist or midwife.
  • Do not keep pace with the child’s rhythm : Your baby has his own rhythm that should absolutely not be followed. Eating meals at the usual times and keeping your usual pace is the best advice.
  • Do not eat throughout the day “to keep going” and compensate for fatigue. Above all, think of resting!
  • Of course, avoid carbonated drinks and fruit juices, especially if you have older children. We often tend to finish desserts or dishes that they do not finish.

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