Weight, height… What are the average measurements of French women?

Weight, height… What are the average measurements of French women?

The average measurements of French women reveal that the image of the woman carried by the media is far from reality. The site ClicknDress, site for recommending clothing by size and morphology, has compiled the data provided by more than 52,000 customers aged 17 to 65. What forget its complexes. As a result, women weigh an average of 63 kg in France, compared to 57 kg for a typical model.

The real measurements of French women

French women measure on average 1.65 m: and over the years, this figure rises. A female model measures approximately 1.80 m. In addition, “the ideal body measurements” 90-60-90 do not correspond to most French women, who average 93 cm around their chest, 75 cm around their waist, and 100 cm around their hips, as well as ‘a bra cup C. But large bra sizes with deep cups (E and more) represent 7% of the female population, while the offers are limited. In addition, women who cut 38, 40 or 42 in clothing size are average. 40% of them are size 44 and over.

Measurements of women abroad

In Europe, the average weight of French women is the lowest. In the United States, women weigh on average 75 kg, Australians 70 kg, and 69 kg in the United Kingdom. In Asia, women are thinner, but are often also smaller. In Korea, they weigh an average of 47 kg, 45 kg in Vietnam, and 51 kg in Japan.

Remember that the averages are not representative of the ideal weight. The latter is when we feel good about ourselves and our weight does not endanger our health.

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