We played the Cupids in a dating app

On a joué les Cupidon dans une appli de rencontres

The Once dating application, which offers its members one contender per day, presents itself as a human matchmaker and not robotic. Real people choose the ideal man or woman for you. We went behind the scenes and we tell you the secrets of homemade love 2.0.

With 2.5 million members worldwide today, including 750,000 in France, Once has established itself in the dating app market. Her little tip: suggest a pretender per day chosen carefully by matchmakers! How is this choice made? I met Amélie, the “big boss” of Once’s matchmakers, with whom I took part in the exercise. Backstage.

Before Cupid, the robot’s job

Obviously, with so many members registered on the app, I suspect that it is difficult (even if we are called Cupid or Santa Claus) to peel the profiles one by one. To make our task easier, an algorithm performs a first sort. To understand, let’s talk about you, who are looking for the man of your life. The computer will therefore extract from all of the registrants around twenty suitors according to your sexual orientation, your geographic location, the age of the suitor you are looking for and finally, your ethnic or religious affiliation. But how can the computer extract only twenty of the mass of subscribers and the breadth of these criteria? Well the computer goes there at random: every day, it associates with your profile 20 contenders who can please you, while taking care of the new subscribers and the likes that you have (or not) affixed on the profiles already proposed in order to refine your search criteria over time.

Once 20 contenders have been selected by the robot, this is where the human (me, suddenly, for the experiment) comes into play. So I see, on Amélie’s screen, the matchmaker, your photo on the left (you are beautiful) and the photos of your potential contenders on the right (there is everything, without wanting to spoil you). It’s up to me to play and find your soul mate.

Criteria on which to base yourself for a match

If you have informed on your profile that you like cinema, I would like to find you among the list of pretenders a man who admits to loving cinema. But as I say to Amélie, everyone loves cinema. She explains to me that I am not wrong (she also likes cinema) and that the secret of Cupid is to be based on photos and to go there feeling. This is not wrong: looking at yourself and looking at the men parading on the screen, there is evidence. If you are very tall and small, I avoid disappointing you. If you pose with a horse steak, I refuse to box you with this vegan boy. But beyond the “glaring” clues, there is what we feel. “The first impression is often the right one“Amélie said to me. And like a clairvoyant in front of her crystal ball, I connect to my feelings. Two faces side by side speak to me, while others not at all. Why? The mysteries of love. So it’s really a matter of feeling and not everyone improvises matchmaker. For that, Amélie carefully recruits her team and if the results of a Cupid are not good, he is fired and invited to to change of way.

This is how at the end of this interview, I formed a match, validated by Amélie who had the same feeling as me. I hope it was you, and I hope that I will be invited to your wedding party.

The matchmaker platform © Once

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