Transportation, free in Paris for those under 18?

Les transports, gratuits à Paris pour les moins de 18 ans ?

Since September 2019, public transport in Paris has been free for children up to 11 years old. Anne Hidalgo wishes to extend this gratuity for all Parisians under the age of 18.

Since September 1, 2019, children under 11 can benefit from free public transport when they move around the capital. According to the Paris city hall, 31,556 children are affected by this measure, which allows families to make significant savings. “Good news for families’ purchasing power and the environment“Anne Hidalgo was delighted. Also, if she is re-elected next March, the mayor of Paris intends to propose the free transport for all young people under 18. “One of the great markers of the mandate is the change of paradigm on mobility. This is why Anne Hidalgo will announce the extension of free public transport for all Parisians under the age of 18 “, said his deputy Emmanuel Grégoire in the Journal du Dimanche. It could be “a free Navigo card, with no advance payment,” he said. But for some opposition elected officials, these announcements would have only an electoral aim, while the real problem that needs to be addressed: the saturation of public transport during rush hour and pollution.

Free transport in Paris: instructions for use

Since September, buses and metros / RERs are free for children under 11. Note that in Paris, public transport is already and remains free for children under 4. To benefit from free transport for a child aged 5 to 11:

  • The child must be schooled in Paris (proof of schooling will be required).
  • Parents must take beforehand an annual Imagine R subscription in the name of their child which they will then be reimbursed up to 350 euros per year and per child by sending a request to the city of Paris.

How to get reimbursed?

A form can be downloaded from the official website of the city of Paris ( Families must print it and fill it out properly. They will then be reimbursed within two months according to demand.

Free transport to Paris for middle and high school students

Children and teenagers educated in a Parisian high school or college can benefit from a reimbursement of 50% of their Imagine R subscription. Their Navigo pass therefore costs them 175 euros for an annual subscription and between 61 and 118 euros if the student is a scholarship holder. Otherwise, the V-Plus youth subscription to Vélib (self-service bicycle system) is reimbursed up to 27.60 euros for young people aged 14 to 18, after a request to the municipality. Other good news, children and young adults disabled people under 20 can also travel for free in metros, buses, RER and trams in Paris. All they need to do is request a refund for their Imagine R annual subscription.

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