Flat Belly

Top 5 sports to have a flat stomach

Top 5 des sports pour avoir un ventre plat

How to have a flat belly ? The answer is simple. by eating balanced but also and above all by practicing physical activity. Zoom on the sports that make abs in concrete.

Have a flat stomachDon’t keep it, we all dream of it. On the program: a balanced diet and targeted, regular physical activity at home or in the gym. Focus on the best sports which allow you to get a flat stomach.


Besides the fact that running is the perfect activity for building muscle harmoniously, it also allows you to make a pretty flat stomach. During jogging, all the abdominal muscles are used. In addition to a balanced diet, two 30-minute sessions per week should help you lose belly fat quickly.

Pilates is a method of gentle gymnastics whose postures and sequences allow deep muscle strengthening. And the abs are part of the areas used by this activity. In particular during the exercises on the ball which allow a work of balance and sheathing.

Swimming, like jogging, allows you to build your whole body. Abs included. To work more intensely in this area, consider aquaerobics classes, very effective for having a flat stomach.

It is THE sport that requires the most abs. not only does it melt fat thanks to its cardio properties, but it also engages the belly muscles to perform the back and forth movement in addition to the arms, back and legs.

Yoga, like Pilates, is a gentle bodybuilding method. Its practice allows a deep strengthening and to draw a pretty harmonious silhouette. Many sheathing exercises punctuate the course. The posture of the tree, for example, requires finding balance by contracting your abs.

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