Top 10 Anti-Water Retention Foods

Top 10 Anti-Water Retention Foods

1 – Fig, diuretic and laxative

Rich in sugars, fibers, calcium and minerals (including magnesium), the fig – and especially the dried fig – is distinguished by a high nutritional value combined with real laxative properties. Indispensable, it is also full of vitamins (A, B1, B2 and C) and acts favorably on intestinal transit. We can favor dried figs, which, although more caloric than fresh fruit (203 cal against 60 cal per 100 g), keep longer.

2 ̶ Asparagus, ideal for removing

Asparagus naturally stimulates the elimination of water by the kidneys and makes it possible to deflate, thanks to its high potassium content. Rich in fiber, it also contributes to the proper functioning of the intestines.

Other substances also give it recognized diuretic powers: fructosans and asparagine. This sulfur-containing amino acid is, moreover, responsible for the very special scent of urine after the consumption of asparagus.

3 blanches White meats and fish, against protein deficiency

Proteins have a diuretic effect: these large and heavy molecules take water out of the blood which is then evacuated by the urine. They thus have the opposite effect of salt. This retains water in the tissues while the proteins drive it out.

4 ̶ Pineapple, the anti-edema solution

Rich in potassium, pineapple is the ultimate diuretic fruit, ideal for deflating or even eliminating cellulite. The insoluble fibers it contains also make it a particularly beneficial food for lazy intestines. Alone or as an accompaniment, it is eaten in moderation, because it remains very sweet.

5 ̶ The artichoke, a diuresis activator

The secret of the artichoke is inulin, a specific sugar that greatly promotes the elimination of water. Its richness in potassium also makes it extremely diuretic. Again, this high-fiber food offers the possibility of detoxifying the intestines.

6 ̶ Chard, leek, fennel, turnip and celery: anti-retention condensates

Renowned diuretics, because rich in potassium, these vegetables promote the elimination of water by the urine. The high fiber content of these slimming foods helps keep a flat stomach. These vegetables can be eaten alone or mixed in a soup, to combine all their benefits.

7 ̶ Cucumber, a super drainer

Low in sodium and rich in potassium, it is one of the best natural diuretics. Very effective in combating water retention, it is an ideal vegetable for keeping the line, since it is also very low in calories (only 12 cal per 100 g).

8 bien Ripe peach: an excellent diuretic

Full of water, peach (especially when it is very ripe) is a fruit particularly recognized for its diuretic qualities. Moderating water retention, it also has a natural laxative effect.

9 – The grape: a powerful water eliminator

Grapes, one of the fruits richest in water and potassium, offer undeniable draining properties. Consumed regularly, it eliminates water that stagnates in the tissues and therefore prevents edema. The fibers that compose it also significantly improve transit.

10 – Melon and watermelon: to be consumed without moderation

These two fruits, rich in potassium, stimulate the elimination of water. The good balance between potassium and sodium also promotes water exchange between the different parts of the body (organs, cells, etc.) and prevents swelling linked to water retention. The only downside is that they are only sold in summer!

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