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Friction, shower head, sex toy… Each woman has her preferences in terms of solitary pleasure. But do you know the overlay method? Developed in the CLIMAX educational series, this technique spoils the clitoris and provides subtle but intense pleasure. Orgasmic explanations.

It is to invite women to discover their bodies, have fun and have a good time, that Laurène Dorléac created the series CLIMAX, a program in 17 episodes which reveals 17 masturbation techniques. The whole is filmed without filter – we clearly see a vulva facing the camera and caresses – and commented by a voice-over. A fundamentally scientific approach based on more than fourteen serious studies conducted on female pleasure, but also individual interviews. A large hundred women were interviewed to produce the CLIMAX series, which summarizes, with supporting figures, the most effective techniques for indulging in pleasure (or giving it, since five episodes are dedicated to male partners).

Among the detailed methods, that of superposition. “This involves adding one or more layers of skin or tissue between the glans of the clitoris and fingers to gently stimulate the clitoris, “says the founder. The objective? Do not come into direct contact with the clitoris. An ideal method not to attack him and avoid any awkwardness, because the clitoris is a sensitive organ that likes to be turned around. However, it is not a question of taking precautions but of pleasure. “The great thing about the layering technique is that it adapts to all stages of excitement,” adds Laurène Dorléac. Concretely, what does it give? Four tips to apply tonight … or right away.

Tip # 1: the power of the stuff

To develop the CLIMAX series, Laurène Dorléac conducted a survey and questioned women about their techniques for masturbation. As a result, 20% of them use overlapping with fabric. That is to say ? Take a washcloth, a T-shirt, a corner of the sheet, it’s up to you, and fold it. Then place it on your vulva and the glans of your clitoris. Apply pressure, whatever suits you, and make circular movements or even back and forth. The thicker the fabric, the softer and more diffuse it is.

Tip # 2: the sandwich

This time, the overlay does not require fabric. To caress the glans of your clitoris, close your labia majora on the latter with your fingers. In other words, sandwich your clitoris. It is therefore without touching it but by holding your lips against each other and by exerting pressure and movements that the clitoris is stimulated indirectly. Wrapped, it is treated with maximum tenderness. Admit, this is the best sandwich of your life.

Tip # 3: the joys of the hood

“70% of women practice layering via the clitoral hood”, says Laurène Dorléac. Perhaps you are already using this method without knowing it, since the cap is a layer of skin which protects the glans of the clitoris and hides it more or less. During arousal, the glans of the clitoris gradually reveals itself. To let it happen and not rush it, put a finger on the cap of your clitoris and draw small circles. The pleasure climbs and your clitoris grows under your fingers, since it is filled with blood.

Tip # 4: scissor legs

This time, we keep the pants. And it works all the better with jeans. Cross your legs to tighten your thighs together. Contract the internal muscles of the latter and undulate the pelvis. These movements stimulate the clitoris. To go further, pull your jeans slightly so that the seam rubs against your vulva. This method can be done everywhere (we agree) and can be a great start. After that, nothing prevents you from dropping the pants and continuing with the techniques presented above.

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