Tik Tok: is the app that fascinates teens so dangerous?

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From 13 years old, teens are fans. The application of videos is a real phenomenon among young people, so much so that parents are sometimes worried. How to protect children and set up their account? Advice from a spokesperson for the Tik Tok app.

Launched in France in August 2018, the Tik Tok app is a real success with young people, from 13 years old. Through these short videos, lasting 60 seconds, Tiktokers film themselves in playback singing on their favorite tracks, perform creative video montages with easy-to-use editing tools, film their choreography and launch challenges around a particular theme or music. Whether they share their talents or a simple moment in their lives, they also enjoy discovering content from other users, as well as comedians or stars. Actress Reese Whitherspoon for example discovered the application thanks to her son who created a tutorial to help her in her first steps as a user. But how well accompany your child on this social network, who sometimes creates controversy? A spokesperson for the Tik Tok app answers our questions.

The Tik Tok app is accessible to young people from 13 years old. However, many people have an account when they are younger than the authorized age limit. “If we identify a person under 13, who would have lied about their age to be able to register, then they will be banned by moderation“warns Tik Tok’s spokesperson in France.”We have a powerful moderation system that mixes both artificial intelligence and human moderation“. Besides, these are the Millenials “(16-25 years old) who are the most active on Tik Tok, “but the profiles are very diverse“, he assures.

As on all social media, parents must educate their children, support them in their use from the opening of the account, and discuss rules of good conduct, recalls the spokesperson. “You have to talk with your child, understand why he wants to create an account on a digital platform, and support him in its use, to explain to him in particular what he can find online, what he can or cannot do. , to help him better understand the rules“, advises parents to the specialist. However, if parents allow their children to have a Tik Tok account, they will have to familiarize themselves with the application in order to best support them. “How to be good advice and guide your child if you do not understand the functionality of the app yourself, or are not aware of the benefits and risks?“, concludes the spokesperson.

The creation of the Tik Tok account

The Tik Tok app recommends, when creating an account, choose a sufficiently secure password, and especially not to disclose personal and identifiable information (city or college name), which are visible to other users.

Content control

On Tik Tok, you should know that there is “five steps before you can get in touch with someone. For example, you can ask someone for a friend without being able to send them a message. It is also possible to deactivate messaging, not to display likes and to filter a list of keywords which will not appear on the account or via hashtags “, specifies the spokesperson of the application. Otherwise, account and videos uploaded can be “private”, which means that only users previously “approved as friends” can access the video.

We apply the rules present in France and in Europe with regard to personal data. The Data Centers that collect certain data are based in the United States and Singapore, so we are not under Chinese law and we apply local rules. ”

The application raises many questions. While the majority of young adolescents film themselves in their rooms and reveal their daily lives, some fear that the content will be consulted by pedophiles. Especially since children sometimes have fun imitating their favorite stars by adopting unnatural attitudes. For Tik Tok’s spokesperson, “the moderation rules make it possible to limit inappropriate comments and behavior, and to ban users who do not respect the charter“It is once again essential”to educate and sensitize users, do not hesitate to report people who seem insistent or annoying in order to prevent these behaviors and obtain a positive and serene environment“, he adds.

Since takeover of Musically, Tik Tok has experienced considerable growth in terms of playback videos. Today, the content has evolved and the videos are very diverse, especially according to areas of interest. Otherwise, parent company Byte Dance is based in China, in Beijing, but the headquarters of the Tik Tok app is located in Los Angeles. “This is an international application, which is not present in China, since another app (Do In) is developed there“, specifies the spokesperson of the application in France.

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