Tiger tattoo: meaning and ideas of models

Tatouage tigre : signification et idées de modèles

With its naturally graphic fur and its powerful symbolism, the tiger will easily find its place on your skin. Zoom on the tiger tattoo and the different options available to you.

If it first catches our attention with its red striped coat of black, the tiger also seduces us by its characteristics which are not lacking in spiciness.

With a tiger tattoo, you will want to honor his power, his strength and his perseverance of course, so that these qualities inspire you day after day, but also its beauty, also celebrated in Chinese astrology, where the tiger symbolizes seduction and an indomitable character. A meaning that may appeal to many women! We also find the tiger in traditional Japanese tattoos, which highlight his courage and his elegance in real colorful and captivating body paintings. More mysterious, the white tiger may be preferred to emphasize a certain wisdom and uniqueness to which you aspire.

Many other tiger tattoo ideas exist, you can imagine, and you will choose according to the styles that you are most excited about.
First option: the realistic tiger tattoo, with a feline reproduced in full or with its head only, the mouth closed or showing the fangs if you want to accentuate the concept of power. It is up to you to choose whether you want to use color, simply for a piercing blue look or for the whole, with perhaps even a scene of life in the jungle. Always with color, the watercolor lion tattoo, very trendy, and the timeless old school tiger tattoo, often accompanied by floral patterns and which is often similar to Japanese tattoo. We also think of stylized versions like the look of the tiger alone on the forearm to hypnotize those who will see it, or drawn in a feather to add a symbol of freedom.
Another original idea: a tattoo split in two, with a style of its own on each side, or even, why not, a tiger on one side and a lion on the other, or a tiger head that will appear as scratched, for remember its unpredictable side.
For those who favor simplicity, bet on a tribal tiger tattoo or an geometric tiger tattoo like an origami, the two ultra graphic and which will inevitably attract the eye.

Depending on the complexity of your drawing, you will obviously place it in different areas. Thus, a small tiger tattoo can perfectly be done on the finger, on the inside of the wrist or on the ankle, while a large tiger tattoo will be more highlighted. across the back, the thigh or the torso in our friends men. A tiger head will find its place on the forearm or even the top of the hand for fans of indelible ink, while a whole tiger may seem to cling to your shoulder for a breathtaking result. .

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