Flat Belly

These foods that make your stomach swell

Ces aliments qui font gonfler le ventre

To display a nice flat stomach, pay attention to your plate. Here is the list of foods that make your stomach swell.

Your pants become tight after the meal and you feel swollen, even bloated. This swelling may be due to the fermentation of food but also to water retention. It is therefore important to pay attention to your diet by avoiding Foods That Make Your Belly Swell. Details.

1. Raw vegetables

Why ?

If raw vegetables swell, it’s because they ferment. Once in the stomach, they are “cut” into tiny pieces, before passing into the intestine. This is where the fermentation takes place, which aims to destroy the dietary fiber. It slows digestion and gives off gas, responsible for swelling and bloating sensations. Rest assured, however, it is not because you inflate that your BMI increases !

Who are they ?

The vegetables that swell the most are those of the cabbage family (broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts).
To avoid this fermentation, there are a few tips. The first is to cook the vegetables well, preferably with steam, because the fibers will then be more easily digested. Then you can associate them with non-swelling vegetables and which will speed up digestion (green vegetables, for example).

2. Dairy products

Why ?

Because digesting milk in the intestines is not always easy. In fact, the main milk sugar, lactose, must be destroyed by enzymes, lactases, which will assimilate the sugar and allow digestion. The problem arises when a large quantity of dairy products is assimilated over a short period. There are not enough lactases to digest all the lactoses and there is swelling and bloating.

Who are they ?

These are dairy products such as milk, cream but also certain dairy desserts (except yogurts).
There are several solutions. The first, the simplest, is to do not consume large quantities of dairy products if you are not used to it: you probably do not have enough lactases in your intestines to prevent swelling. The second is to consume fermented milk products, in these cases digestion is easier. Finally, today there are lactase capsules to take just before a meal if you know that you are not digesting milk products well.

3. Raw vegetables

Why ?

Every lunchtime you have got into the habit of eating a nice plate of raw vegetables. Both because it is good for the line and both because it is delicious. Yes but can we really abuse it? No, excess raw vegetables is likely to make your belly fat. Of course, not all women are equally sensitive to it. Those who suffer from a sensitivity of the colon or who start to consume raw vegetables in large quantities when they did not eat much, are those who are likely to suffer the most from digestive problems.

Who are they ?

Most of raw vegetables are concerned but the fragile intestines will favor grated carrots, which are much more digestible.
In addition, note that the raw vegetables are very often accompanied by a salad sauce, or even a mayonnaise sauce, which obviously increases the caloric note. Ditto for the bacon or the pieces of cheese that decorate the salad.

4. Fat and salty foods

Why ?

Fat food swell because they are difficult to digest and therefore spend more time in the intestine, which must slow down transit. Salty foods swell because of … salt! It promotes water retention and therefore the swelling of the stomach, among others.

Who are they ?

Dishes in sauce, aperitif cakes, cheeses, cold meats, fries, cream cakes, etc.

When you know you are going to eat a fatty and / or salty meal, you can try to limit the swelling. First, avoid the temptations as an aperitif and settle for the lightest foods. Then avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks which will further slow digestion.

Finally, do not overdo the dessert, especially if it contains cream. You can also help your body digest better by taking a light menu, such as soup or fruit, at the previous meal and at the next meal.

5. Chewing gum and soft drinks

Why ?

When you drink a carbonated drink, you swallow air: your stomach contains the liquid of the drink, but also its gas, which can cause discomfort. The chewing gum action also makes you swallow air. This air can be responsible for digestion difficulties but also bloating.

Who are they ?

All carbonated drinks, alcoholic or not, and all chewing gum. Certain yeast-based beers can also cause intestinal fermentation, which is also responsible for swelling of the belly. To avoid these air intakes, keep only carbonated drinks for the aperitif but do not consume them throughout the meal. To you flat belly !

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