Flat Belly

These foods that make your stomach deflate

Ces aliments qui font dégonfler le ventre

The flat stomach diet exists! Zoom on these foods that make you deflate for sure.

Know that there is a host of foods that allow you to make deflate the belly. It can quite happen that your belly swells without associated weight gain. This could be due to several reasons. To help you deflate quickly, here are the foods to choose.

1. Aromatic herbs

Why ?

Aromatic herbs have a very useful double action if you feel swollen and are retaining water: they act on these two problems. Some, like dill, not only help deflate but also limit the production of gas and therefore bloating. Chives are known to limit intestinal fermentation and thus not increase stomach fat.

Who are they ?

Parsley, oregano, basil, chives … Let yourself go on the herbs, they all have useful properties. It is best to use them fresh, but dry herbs are also effective. Remember to sprinkle your meats and fish but also your vegetables with, for example, a little thyme or a bouquet garni.

Many spices can also help you deflate by acting on the Water retention. This is the case with cumin but also with cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg, paprika and saffron.

2. The soups

Why ?

The soup is a mixture of water and vegetables. It allows you to be full without fear since it is low in calories. No risk of water retention and belly swelling with the soup since the vegetables help to eliminate. In addition, the soup allows good hydration which is essential for the body to avoid constipation with a diuruetic action.

Who are they ?

The food richest in potassium is zucchini. Little used in soup, yet it provides fiber and therefore promotes transit. Other food this time draining: fennel and leek which contain potassium and magnesium. The onion can also be useful: cooked, it is more easily digested than raw and it is diuretic.
It is all a question of choosing vegetables so that a soup does not swell. Obviously, avoid vegetables which tend to swell and favor green vegetables. But since they usually cause less swelling when cooked, they are almost all allowed as long as they suit your tastes. However, avoid adding milk to make it more creamy: it is sometimes difficult to digest.

3. Wholemeal bread

Why ?

It is not for nothing that we so often praise the merits of wholemeal bread. This brings twice as much insoluble fiber as white bread, which has the effect of speeding up transit and making the stomach fat. In addition, white bread does not digest well and can even cause digestive problems. Not to mention that it has a staggering glycemic index, that is to say that it stimulates insulin production a lot and is therefore not recommended for diabetics.

What fibers?

In general, the fibers (wholemeal bread, wholegrain cereals, wholegrain rice, wholegrain pasta …) retain water well.

3. Tea and herbal teas

Why ?

The tea consumption is beneficial because tea is a diuretic. It allows the kidneys to work, which limits water retention. In addition, green tea speeds up transit. Herbal teas also have a diuretic but weaker role. In fact, it all depends on the plants chosen for the infusion.

Who are they ?

Green tea is most often recommended because it is unfermented and rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. As for herbal teas, you can find “special digestion” mixtures or make your own recipe.
Know that the mallow is known to calm digestive pains, mint bloating, verbena spasms, and anise slow transits. Sage and dandelion are known for their diuretic effect in the event of water retention. It is also advisable to replace the coffee with a tea or herbal tea, in order to aid digestion.

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