The Thonon diet for rapid weight loss – What is the Thonon diet?

The Thonon diet for rapid weight loss - What is the Thonon diet?

Still little known, the Thonon diet is starting to be talked about. Why ? Because it promises to lose 10 pounds in just 14 days. Update on this new slimming cure.

Developed by a doctor from the Thonon-les-Bains University Hospital, the Thonon diet has been very popular lately. His promise: to lose a lot of weight quickly. But it is not so easy to follow and has major drawbacks.

Principles : the Thonon diet combines two types of diet: low-calorie and high-protein. You will therefore mainly eat meat, fish, eggs but in small quantities.

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Benefits : to be honest, there are few! The strong point that can be recognized: rapid weight loss.

Disadvantages: the Thonon diet is too low in calories (between 600 kcal and 800 kcal), which can therefore cause great fatigue. As a reminder, a woman needs 1800 kcal per day and a man of 2000 kcal. The menus offered are monotonous and can create frustrations. They can be all the more important as the cure lasts 14 days. Finally, the sudden and increased intake of proteins can disturb the body.

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