The squat, the essential exercise to build thighs and glutes

Le squat, l

It is the ideal muscle building exercise to re-build your glutes and give them a nice curve, but also to work the thighs. We get motivated!

Want to optimize your “booty” in pants as in jersey? No secret, do not let the muscles soften, but put them to work, especially since they are not made to sit on a chair all day!

Classic exercises of the bodybuilding and fitness, which specifically work the lower body, including the 3 muscles of our posterior: the gluteal, the medium and the glute The thighs (quadriceps) are also used and will take shape.

Standing, feet wide apart (shoulder width apart, no more), while exhaling, bend your legs and lower your buttocks backwards, as if to take a sumo position. Then go up dynamically … and start again!

The thighs should ideally arrive horizontally (the glutes are then at the knees) but this is not always possible and it is also a question of flexibility: go down as far as you can, you will improve over time.

By series of 20 repetitions. On the 1st day, we do a series … then as soon as we feel comfortable, we increase: 2, 3, 4! it should “burn”, a sign that the muscles are working at full speed (besides, we risk good aches!).

The toes of the feet must remain well directed outwards and the column aligned (even if the bust leans a little forward).

Ideally 5 minutes every day of the week, not forgetting, to keep your buttocks working, to contract it as often as possible when you are standing… and to take the stairs!

We can make variations: go down slowly (5-6 seconds) and go up quickly (2 sec) on one series, then do the opposite on the next series. Can also hold a weight (or a full bottle of water) between your legs with both hands to further increase the work or, indoors, put a weighted bar on his shoulders.

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