The benefits of endermologie ® care

The benefits of endermologie ® care

What is endermology?

The technique developed and patented by LPG® has more than 30 years of expertise in slimming, anti-aging and well-being treatments. Made with the most famous machine, Cellu M6 Alliance®, it is inspired by the manual technique of palpating and rolling (its ancestor) and is completely painless. It combines roller, motorized valve and sequential suction to revive the physiological mechanisms of the tissues. Soft on the skin and firm with the dimples, this technique is three times more effective than the older generations of endermology® machines and ensures rapid results visible from the 3rd session *.

* Dermscan 2016 study

Its advantages for the body

The endermologie® body technique is an excellent anti-cellulite ally. It softens the tissues, stimulates the circulatory exchanges and stimulates the adipocytes, in order to drain excess liquids and smooth the dimples. It is also effective in erasing horse breeches, since it promotes lipolysis and helps firm the skin. It gives the buttocks a plump shape and a nice curve. Endermologie also provides solutions for the localized curves on the belly: it acts on fatty deposits at the level of love handles or the stomach. Finally, it helps to lighten the legs since it stimulates the lymphatic circulation and helps to fight against venous insufficiency and water retention.

Its advantages for the face

Endermologie® face also has a patent pending. On the gaze area, the delicate flaps of flaps eliminate dark circles and puffiness, promoting microcirculation. Guaranteed plumping effect on the lips. Throughout the face, the mechanical action fills in wrinkles, smooths out lines and rebalances volumes and redraws the oval of the face by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. The drainage of toxins provides a glowy complexion from the first session! In short, the perfect cell gymnastics for a clarified, plumped-up face radiant with health.

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