The 8 lowest calorie starchy foods

The 8 lowest calorie starchy foods

Starchy foods are eaten daily as a starter or as a main dish. This food category is made up of legumes, grain foods, bread and even potatoes.

They are essential to the body: they contain carbohydrates, which are necessary to provide energy to our body. Lentils, beans, rice, pasta, quinoa … They are very varied and have more or less interesting nutritional properties. Some are rich in iron, fiber, but also protein, such as lentils: perfect for those who do not eat meat.

Beware of added fats

Starchy foods do not make you fat, unless you eat too much of them for your calorie needs or add fat such as crème fraîche, butter, industrial sauces or cheese.

Accompanied by a good portion of vegetables, starchy foods occupy an important place in a balanced diet, but also in a diet with the objective of losing weight. Here are 8 light starches, rich in fiber and which will replace traditional pasta.

Discover the eight lowest-calorie starches without delay.

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