The 10 lowest calorie breakfasts

The 10 lowest calorie breakfasts

We can never repeat it enough: breakfast is the first meal of the day, but also and above all the most important! Why ? Because it allows you to fill up on energy to start the day off right, and thus avoid cravings in the middle of the morning.

If it is not advisable to leave home on an empty stomach, there is no question of eating anything! It is quite possible to enjoy a good breakfast without gaining weight. To do this, we rely on proteins, vitamins, fibers and even calcium!

But which foods that can complement this meal contain the least calories? Fruits, like bananas or apples, are real allies to keep the line while being full!

If pastries are generally prohibited when you monitor your weight, it is possible to have fun from time to time with a croissant or a pain au lait, which contain far fewer calories than a chocolate bread for example.

Exit toast at breakfast when you are losing calories? Not necessarily ! Decorated with butter or jam, they are surprisingly lower in calories … than a banana! No way to abuse it, because fruits are obviously better for health, beyond calories.

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Source: ANSES – Nutritional composition table of foods Ciqual 2017

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