Swimming: 6 mistakes to avoid

Swimming: 6 mistakes to avoid

How about swimming? This balanced sport without impact on the joints has many benefits for the body and the mind. But beware, you don’t jump into the water with your eyes closed! Techniques, mistakes to avoid, breathing, crawl or breaststroke … We tell you everything.

Swimming has nothing more to prove! Regular practice of this sport has many benefits for the body : it contributes to improving the cardiovascular and pulmonary capacities, makes it possible to work the muscles in a harmonious way, develops endurance with the effort, makes it possible to burn calories, and thus to refine! In short, swimming is a complete sport which works all the muscles of the body – from the shoulders to the legs, going through the abs, back and arms – and suitable for all people (pregnant women, elderly people, overweight people, some asthmatics …). On the other hand, contact with water has de-stressing virtues and helps release tensions. Indeed, water stimulates sensors on the skin and performs kinds of small massages, which have the effect of relaxing the body. This discipline is practiced in a state of weightlessness, it is smooth and gentle on the joints and back. But followers or novices, in club, in rehabilitation or in leisure, it is important to adopt some good gestures to avoid injury and avoid accidents.

Mistake # 1: swimming right after a big meal

Swimming: mistakes to avoid
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Breaststroke, crawl, backstroke, butterfly … Which one to choose? There are 4 main types of swimming with different benefits:

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