Slimming: shifting your breakfast time to the weekend is a very bad idea. here’s why

Slimming: shifting your breakfast time to the weekend is a very bad idea. here's why

Breakfast later, a bad idea for the line!

Fat morning of the weekend is sacred! But who says staggered wake up on Saturday and Sunday, necessarily says later meal … And breakfast later than the rest of the week would be a very bad idea for our body!

This is what a study by Spanish researchers reveals, notably relayed by the Dailymail. The authors of this work claim that shifting your first meal of the day by several hours leads to weight gain, even if the number of calories does not move.

Maria Fernanda Zeron-Rugerio and her team compared the eating habits of 1,100 Spanish and Mexican students. They observed that, on the same basis of calories consumed, eating 3:30 later on Saturday or Sunday, increases on average the BMI by 1.3 points, compared to that of people who have the same routine on weekdays and the weekend.

Brunch: the best way to gain pounds?

According to the authors of the study, changing the schedule of the first meal when one is on a weekend, can lead to an excess of fat around the waist, because the body is not used to receiving food at that time, and will tend to break down food more slowly when caught off guard …

Brunch, the sweet / savory formula which has been very trendy for a few years, and which serves as both breakfast and lunch, is therefore a bad idea… If you are used to having breakfast during the week, your body will not therefore not understand on Saturday or Sunday why it is deprived in the morning until brunch. Not to mention the number of calories we consume when an all-you-can-eat buffet comes before our eyes …

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