Slimane: thinner, he tells his fight against the pounds

Slimane: thinner, he tells his fight against the pounds

We know it: Slimane lost 16 kilos. A revelation that the singer had made on Instagram last November, by delivering an impressive before / after photo.

Since then, the artist who shares a duet album with Vitaa, has not given up his efforts. His goal ? Keep the line, but above all feel good about yourself. In an interview with 7 Days TV, Slimane talks again about what he considers to be “the fight of a lifetime”.

“With Vitaa, we are big complexes. Already small. We didn’t love each other physically. As a kid, I did the yo-yo, I knew theobesity. Some accept themselves, I am not one of them “, he explains.

In their album Versus, Slimane and Vitaa approach this subject, through a song entitled Not beautiful. “The silhouette in the mirror I will do it / I disgust myself, I tell myself what it is for / Must be strong, must be tall / “Little fat” said the other children / I am not strong, I am not tall / “Little fat” I often say to myself “, intones Slimane.

But the wind is turning for the singer, who accepts more and more his image. A long-term job, since to lose his 16 pounds, Slimane followed an intensive sports routine: no less than 4 weight training sessions in a private coaching room each week!

The performer of C’est va ça vient is proud of him, but does not falter. “It’s the fight of a lifetime, I fight against kilos. I’m winning, I’m happy “, he concludes.

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