Shy’m very emaciated: her fans criticize her on social networks

Shy’m very emaciated: her fans criticize her on social networks

Shy’m physique worries internet users

Waiting for the release of his seventh album Agape on April 26, 2019, singer Shy’m likes to make her fans impatient. Sure his Instagram account, the 33-year-old French artist posts photographs where she talks about the album. Unfortunately, this is not what many internet users have learned. Users of the social network challenged the interpreter on his thinness.

Uh … what is this what toothpicks instead of legs ?? It’s horrible, it freaks out squarely !!“Seems to be concerned about one of them called greg066, in one of the latest shots released by Shy’m. “She has more time to eat or what?”, Wonders a man called ade93371.

“You are very pretty as you are”

Others disagree and defend the star. “She is very beautiful, stop those who criticize her physique and to have seen it in real life on the set of cymes (Michel Cymes, chronicle on television, editor’s note) she unveiled herself and you will see her on another day she has revealed part of her life and she is a true woman, sincere and touching at the same time ”, writes the user louloutemargot, joined by sylvie61marc a comment below: “You are very pretty as you are.

The artist can be reassured. The vast majority of Internet users prefer to express their love and excitement for the release of his album rather than comment on his physique.

>> Discover the photos of Shy’m, more and more fine.

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