Should you eat the skin of bananas to lose weight?

Should you eat the skin of bananas to lose weight?

If we know that the banana is a fruit rich in fiber, and that it makes it possible to fill up with vitamins, we know less about the slimming virtues of the banana peel …

And yes, if you are watching your line or want to lose weight, and you tend to shed your banana peel after eating one, you might want to think twice! Because, if we believe what an Australian dietitian claims, the skin of the banana would be a real ally for our figure.

Creator of a slimming program, Susie Burell, explains in an article published on her blog (and sponsored by theAustralian Bananas), that the millions of tons of banana peels thrown away every year by consumers in Australia could actually be eaten!

More fiber and vitamins by eating banana peel

Introduced into everyday recipes: smoothies, bananas baked in the oven, or in a curry, the skin of your banana would interestingly increase the nutritional intake of the preparation and its fiber content.

“You will increase your overall fiber content by at least 10% because the skin of the banana contains a lot of dietary fiber. You will get almost 20% more vitamin B6 and almost 20% more vitamin C and you will increase your intake by potassium and in magnesium, says Susie Burell.

The dietitian says, however, that it is not a question of eating the skin of the raw banana, but of cooking it or incorporating it into the dishes that you prepare so that it can be assimilated by the organism.

Eat the skin of the banana to slim down: are we going?

“For example, if you make your smoothie with a whole banana, chop the ends of the skin, cut them into small pieces and simply mix them with the rest of the smoothie. For recipes like muffins or banana bread, cooking the skin before mixing it into the recipe is an easy way to incorporate them. “ she adds.

If this eccentric idea, sponsored by the Australian Bananas, tempts you, to increase the fiber content in particular and thus play on satiety, some precautions are still to be taken before you start … Note for example, that the skin of this fruit can contain many traces of chemical treatments, opting for bananas from organic farming is therefore essential for this use!

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