Sextoys, Brad Pitt and sun: the French and masturbation

Sextoys, Brad Pitt et soleil : les Français et la masturbation

Although taboo, masturbation is a widespread sexual practice that does good to 69% of French people! Which celebrities do we think of when we have fun? Do we masturbate more than our English neighbors? A study looked at our little (not so) secret pleasures.

Did you know ? May is International Month Masturbation and May 7 is National Masturbation Day, decreed in 1995. On this occasion, Tenga, Japanese brand of sex toys, unveiled a study that helps us better understand this taboo sexual practice. Based on testimonies from 10,000 people, aged between 18 and 54 in 9 different countries, this report tells us more about the intergenerational differences, between men and women but also between heterosexual and homosexual people.
Tenga says LGBTQ masturbate more than heterosexual people, while 72% of French women masturbate, compared to 92% of men. As for our English neighbors, they give themselves more pleasure than us: the latter are 61% caressing themselves at least once a week against only 49% of the French.

Masturbation: summer will be hot!

According to the study of the Japanese brand, the French would be more likely to masturbate when summer comes … It is July that would excite us the most! Regarding the schedule, it is between 7:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. that we do this exercise and 47% of men and 44% of women say they reach orgasm. “Everytime”. Foot !

Men and women, unequal in the face of masturbation?

According to Tenga, men and women do not have the same relationship with this solitary pleasure that is masturbation. Indeed, these gentlemen are “2.4 times more likely to have discovered masturbation with a friend” or 12%, against only 5% of women in France. More than 61% of the fairer sex discovered this sexual activity alone, against 49% of men.

Masturbation, a guilty pleasure that remains secret

Time does not necessarily play in favor of masturbation … The report drawn up by Tenga makes it possible to demonstrate that it is a subject that is still just as taboo, since 40% of respondents declare that they do not speak about it to their partner and that 48% of men have already lied about their masturbation practice. However, this activity is a good way to relieve stress: 69% of French people define this practice as a “moment for yourself”.

Toys for more fun?

Concerned about the level of satisfaction of its customers, Tenga asked, at the end of its questionnaire, how to achieve greater and better quality pleasure. The majority said that using sex toys helped many reach orgasm (84% of men and 88% of women), to be more satisfied during masturbation (for 88% of men and 84% of women) to connect emotionally to their partner (76% of men and 82% of women).
Sex toys are, for 83% of these gentlemen and 85% of these ladies having tried it, a good way to improve sexually.

Which stars make the French fantasize?

Be careful, we give names! Here are the top celebrities on which French men and women fantasize the most. Among the ladies, we find the former actress X Clara Morgane, the singer / dancer Shakira (her hips make us salivate too!) and finally Angelina Jolie. On the men’s side, there are three American actors known to crack the fairer sex, namely Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Bradley Cooper.

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