Sex in the movies? Cinema for 96% of women

Le sexe dans les films ? Du cinéma pour 96% des femmes

Hot moments, super sexy actors for cult cinema scenes … Yes but, is this really the reality? According to a study by the British site “Zava”, only 4% of women think that sex in the cinema would reflect intimate relationships in real life.

A rainy evening, a couple who just had a fight, soaked clothes, a fiery kiss …. And a crazy night of love. It doesn’t really look like everyday, but rather like our favorite romantic comedy. And for good reason, the sex scenes in the movies are far from reality!
A British scientific study carried out by the medical site Zava confirms this: 96% of women consider that intimate relationships in the cinema are not realistic. The researchers analyzed 50 films such as Dirty Dancing or Pretty woman then questioned 2,000 people about the sex scenes that appeared in them.

Sex in movies: forgotten orgasms, foreplay and condoms

First misunderstanding of Hollywood sex: female enjoyment. If the orgasm is often represented in the cinema, and that 39% of the scenes analyzed show the ultimate pleasure in the woman, it is however much less reached in reality. Only 19% of respondents said they had an orgasm every time they had sex.

The preliminaries, on the other hand, are too often forgotten. Many feature films ignore this step, which is necessary in an intimate moment. So, 69% of the respondents declared that these moments of connection and pleasure with the partner were important before penetration.

Finally, the question of contraception (and STDs) arises. And the observation is final: The preservative is observed only in 2% of love scenes in the cinema. A controversial choice when you know the importance of a contraceptive method such as a condom to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. In reality, 20% of women confirmed the use of a soft top on each report.

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