Sex in seniors: it’s in the old pots that we make the best soup

Sexe chez les seniors : c

Beware of appearances: contrary to popular belief, seniors are fully satisfied with their sex life! The “Land of seniors” site has published a study on the intimate relationships of people over 50. The numbers are amazing …

Age is just a number. Because, seniors would have a busy sex life ! People over 50, who could also be called sexygenous, have lost nothing of their desire. The site Land of Seniors has conducted its investigation: sex is far from being relegated to the closet as we age. 45.6% are fully satisfied with their intimate relationships, 13% even find that their libido has increased. A third of people over 70 would have sex at least twice a month. They would even be 33.3% to have sexual activity at least 3 times a week! And if we can think that bodily changes can lead to a decrease in the libido of the other, it is nothing!
For 64.8% of the respondents, the aging of their spouse’s body did not influence their desire. As for Viagra, they do not think about it: only 13% of those questioned admitted having already used it.

Seniors: what are their pleasures?
The older ones have nothing to envy the younger generations. Often more confident and at ease with their partner, they dare more than one could imagine. 73.1% of them love to make love elsewhere than in their bed: the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom … all the rooms of their home are to be explored and 46.7% indulge in sex rather during the day. To titillate, over 50s watch erotic movies, alone (82.8%) or accompanied (42.8%).
Side fantasies, they are still very present for 71.6% of those polled. Nothing is too good to seduce your other half under the duvet: thus, 73% of the questioned would dare offer a naughty accessory to their spouse at Christmas. Beautiful nights (and days) in perspective!

Two Terre des Séniors studies conducted over its last 30 days, 485 and 286 respondents interviewed.

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