Seduction: when do I know it’s dead?

Séduction : à quel moment je sais que c’est mort ?

Gaston hit us in the eye and on the thigh at the second meeting. But hey, we still felt that a “little trick” was starting. A few messages, a new date, but it doesn’t take. We are ready to hang on, but are there not signs that prove that there will not progress?

If we recognize the signals of an interested man, we do not always see those of a disinterested man. Why ? Because when we like a boy, we don’t give up and we make excuses for him at the start of the journey. It is claimed that “men are like that” and that they need time. All this is just a received idea. Men can go for it when they want to. So when do I know it’s dead?

He no longer responds to messages (or more too much)

When he does not respond to messages, there are good reasons for it: he must have had his phone stolen or has run out of battery. Except that the reality is different, and a little disappointing: the man who does not respond, or more, does not show interest in us and it smells scorched. Admittedly, no one said that an interested guy was reactive and responded to the minute, but if his messages are rare, or even nonexistent for several days, we must face the facts. We offer a final date (it’s better than waiting for it to happen) and we are fixed.

A woman’s voice on her answering machine

By dint of silence, one day we decide to call our landline phone (after a four-day Internet survey) in order to hear it and unravel the mystery. “You are on the answering machine of Françoise and Gaston, leave a message!“. The whole thing, pronounced in a feminine and enthusiastic voice. After that, Gaston tells us by text that it is his sister and begs us to believe him. Gaston is lying. Let us run away, telling him that hey, it disgusts us a little his relationship with his sister.

He poses lots of rabbits

To start a love story, you have to cross paths. See each other, share moments, get to know each other in a coffee, at the cinema, under a roof. We get to know each other, we discover ourselves. An epistolary relation made of “OK”, “LOL”, is useless if beside that, Gaston poses rabbits. There is always a good reason to cancel (and postpone at best) our date. What does he want ? Let us wait for it wisely? While clearly, he doesn’t want to see us. Let him go elsewhere if we are there.

He forgets what he is told

When Gaston asks us what we do in life on the third date when we seem to have already answered this question seven times, we first question ourselves by thinking that we haven’t been clear (or maybe we didn’t speak loud enough). Let us be reassured: we were perfectly heard, but not listened to. Gaston doesn’t care a bit about our life, our daily life, everything we tell him. Unfortunate proof that he is not trying to enter someone’s world. Before fleeing, let’s have fun changing jobs every time he questions us and explain to him that the flight attendant no longer wants to see him.

He gets tangled up in phony excuses

“I didn’t answer you only because my grandmother died”. Only, it’s weird, in two months, her grandmother died five times. Either she likes it, or her grandson is a handsome liar. We do not let go of the deal because we tell ourselves that hey, maybe Gaston is not in the mood and needs time. Now what he is doing there is to keep us under the elbow. He tries to keep us close to him in case his desire for sex (or love story) wakes up, by telling us pretty tales so that our hearts pity and become enamored. Let’s be sorry for her grandmother or her late work meetings, and let her know that our grandfather died an eighth time this month, we will have to be absent.

He never sleeps

He likes to have a drink with us, even make love with us, we have a good time, one hour, two hours, and then he packs up. The first times, nothing to worry about, it’s the beginning, we barely hang out. It is never easy to wake up very close to each other, morning breath and defeated face. But after a while, the man who runs away and does not try to prolong our moments and share a sweet coffee upon waking seems hardly interested in anything other than our body before midnight.

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