Seduction: all I stop to decipher

Séduction : tout ce que j

Analyzing every word and gesture of Roger in the seductive phase is tempting. The only goal: to predict the continuation of the relationship. But if we search too much, dissect and decipher, we cannot take advantage of the present moment and worse, our negative conclusions can influence history. List of analyzes that we will not do anymore.

Who has never received an “OK” from Roger and who has never turned it all over the place saying to themselves that good, this “OK” was so cold that the story already smelled bad? A thousand reflections, some of which were shared with friends, to answer something similar to Roger. If he plays it cold, why wouldn’t we play it cold? Ah, and also, since he is always late and we conclude that he does not care about us, why not arrive even more late or outright ask him a rabbit? That’s good, because with all of this, history falls by itself. Simply because we saw the worst where it was not (necessarily). On top of that, we spoiled our lives for a few hours trying to analyze things that cannot be analyzed. If history is to rot, it will rot. What’s the point of deciphering everything that Roger says and says when we won’t get an answer?

I stop decrypting his messages

So here is the first point, the most important, the one that speaks to us the most. Each SMS received from Roger gives us a hard time, between his OKs, his “biz” and his “…”. What if we don’t care? Yes, we don’t care. Everyone types their SMS as they hear, everyone has their habits, and even if the “biz” it makes you want to vomit, maybe Roger is delighted. The main thing is not that it responds “OK” to tomorrow’s meeting, and it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t spread out (“I want to see you so much, I’m not going to sleep , provided time accelerates beauty in sugar “). If he was like that, we would throw up too. So we leave the text messages alone.

I stop deciphering time

What does “decipher time” mean? Quite simply that: he hasn’t answered for two hours, he arrived ten minutes late, we haven’t seen each other for four days … Who said that time had its rules in terms of the history of love? That it was necessary to follow a very precise rhythm and that a silence of Roger who has dragged on for forty-eight hours smells of russet? What stupidity. We rather choose to relax, and when we find the time a little slow and the story not very fast, we take the lead. We write, we solicit, we propose, rather than remaining paralyzed on the premise that it is up to Roger to move and that he will never do it.

I stop deciphering her love past

So how long have you been single? We ask the question innocently (if, almost), and we find ourselves decrypting the answer whatever it is. If Roger has known only long stories, we will think that he chooses us by default, because he is a lover of the stable relationship who does not want to flutter a hundred years before landing. If he had only butt plans and ephemeral stories, we will conclude that it is our fate at his side. If he has been single for five years, we will think of being the stopgap horse to ride on and if he has been single for six months, we will think that his ex will inevitably resurface tomorrow and create many troubles in our history. In conclusion ? Each hypothesis will be negative and we will rot our life based on a past that has nothing to do with the future we have to build. Stop!

I stop decrypting each of our conversations

Coming back from an appointment and remaking the film, why not. But why, always, repeat to yourself that if Roger said that, then it meant that, and then, if he said that, it meant that. Too bad, because in general, we arrive at several different conclusions and we are really annoyed. On the one hand, the interested Roger, on the other, the detached Roger. Ah shit, would he be playing hot and cold? And here we go again … We cannot interpret every word, every anecdote. Each person has their verbal codes and there can be a slight world between what they meant, said, what I hear, understand and remember. Certainly, we may need to feel reassured after an appointment, so we remember perfectly his words and ours (in hindsight, always a bit ridiculously chosen), but reassure yourself, don’t you just say that we had a good evening? Thank you.

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