Rose tattoo: meaning and origins

Tatouage rose : signification et origines

If there is one design that is often found in tattooed people, it is the rose! To know the meaning of this tattoo and help you choose the model that inspires you the most, it’s here.

Timeless and elegant, the pink tattoo never ceases to seduce and we particularly like its versatility which knows how to adapt to our different desires. If it was first found on the skin of sailors to honor the loved one, it later became a rather feminine tattoo, which is nonetheless popular also among men.

The meaning of the rose tattoo

You only have to look at a rose in a garden to understand the attraction it can have in the world of tattoos and the desire to have one every day at hand! Source of inspiration for countless artists and poets (we think in particular of the famous Sweetheart let see if the Rose de Ronsard) the rose evokes at a glance love and passion – shared or not … Nothing surprising when you know that she already dressed Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, from head to toe.
It can also take different meanings according to sometimes quite subtle variations like the number of petals, to follow the principles of numerology, the color (red for passion or sacrifice, pink for innocence, yellow for joy, etc. .), a more or less open flower, thorns or not…

On which part of the body?

If you already have an idea of ​​the size of your future pink tattoo, this will guide you in choosing its location. Do you want a discreet pink tattoo? Then place a single rose inside the wrist, on the ankle or behind the ear to better reveal it when you want by simply lifting your hair.
A larger drawing, including for example several roses united in a bouquet, will find its place on one shoulder or even both, or even on the back.
If you prefer to locate it on the coast, near the chest, you can choose the model you want, more or less large, which will then eventually protrude towards the back.

Which pink tattoo to choose?

We told you, the pink tattoo is available at will, or almost! You will decide at first if you prefer a colorful pattern, like traditional American tattoos for example, with bright colors, bold edges and shadows, or even in the style of a watercolor.
But you can also opt for a simpler version, without colors or filling, maybe even with geometric contours for an ultra graphic look.
Your pink tattoo can be accompanied by a first name or other motifs for an even more symbolic result, such as a skull and crossbones to evoke a new start in life, or a clock without needles to signify eternal love.
Nothing also prevents you from choosing a sentence that is particularly close to your heart to compose the stem of the rose. Let your imagination run wild!
You will find inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, but also of course in folk tales and stories like Beauty and the Beast with its famous rose under a bell, or the rose so dear to the eyes of the Little Prince of Saint-Exupéry.
You see, there is no shortage of pink tattoo ideas!

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