Pleasure, comfort, relaxation: 8 (good) reasons to sleep

Plaisir, réconfort, défouloir : 8 (bonnes) raisons de coucher

Right now, we want to make love. But why exactly? Can we explain our desires and our impulses? We tried. Small overview of the reasons that push us to sex (it also works for men).

Sex fusion

First reason, first impulse. We are in love (too) (or maybe not) and we feel this need to be one. We look at it, it is cute when it blinks and it can make noise when it eats, we can not explain it: it is sexy, we need it. It’s now. Sex is an outburst of love, the manifestation of our feelings, the means to strengthen our bonds.

Comfort sex

There are days when you feel alone in the world. Must say that we spent a rotten day, unless it is a lifetime (come to think of it). Vulnerable, we plug in Celine Dion and we cry a good deal. Since it does not help, we connect to Tinder, it is a little more promising and a little less sentimental. We need a hug. Arms that clasp us, it doesn’t matter whether they are tall, short, hairy or frail. And it also works as a couple: when nothing is going well, our partner’s body is a refuge and sex is a way of letting go.

Sex release

Stress or annoyance can lead to sports, but since we haven’t understood the concept too much, we prefer a good sex session. All in all, the result is almost identical: we spend ourselves, we sweat, we empty our heads, we work our hearts (IN ALL MEANINGS OF THE WORLD) and we feel good about our morale. So hey, when you have energy to spare, you need sex, that’s how it is. We give everything and we sleep like a baby.

Sex reconciliation

To stop an argument, we can tell the joke of the stingy man who said to his children “if you are nice tonight i will show you a photo of someone eating ice cream“(it’s a gift), because humor relieves tension and helps us realize that our conflict is meaningless. But to get out of it and move on, we can also decide to roll over a beautiful galoche. Besides, you don’t always choose. Anger, when it is expressed more for form than for substance, is almost seductive.

Sex revenge

He didn’t have to sleep with Maryline. Even if it’s been two years since he left for her. And then, he only had to post photos of them on Instagram, because there, we really want to make love with the first one who passes just for the pleasure of existing (I HAVE ONE LIVE ME ALSO). We connect to a dating app or we dial the number of our ex (noted on a post-it, since we deleted it from our phone) and we go for it.

Nostalgia sex

This moment when we remember our ex, because it was pretty, anyway … Anyway, we can be convinced. The truth is, we don’t have many people to contact. We want to relive this moment, to make love with yesterday, because love today is less fun. And then it’s nice to redo love with someone we already know, who said sweet words or pigs in our ears, and reminds us of a period, a project, a song, a refresher question, a step forward or maybe back.

Sex self confidence

When we doubt everything, our humor, our pounds, our smile and our IQ, the very idea that someone wants us is magic. It cheers up and it boosts our confidence. So yes, sometimes sex is about feeling admired, complimented, looked at. And it works. Besides, it may even be that we do not go to the end “of the thing” (as mom would say). A simple game of seduction, when it proves to us that there is POSSIBILITY, does us good.

Sex for sex

Sex is good. Like a tartiflette or a hot bath. So to treat yourself to a moment of happiness, and because we don’t have a bathtub or a reblochon, we really want a leg game in the air. It’s crazy how a few caresses make us travel. It’s crazy how our body is a source of pleasure. It’s crazy how powerful our clitoris is.

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