Paying pregnant women to quit smoking: the solution?

Payer les femmes enceintes pour arrêter de fumer : la solution ?

Would the introduction of remuneration to reward pregnant women who have stopped smoking encourage people to quit smoking? In any case, this is what several French cities are experimenting with within the framework of a vast study called Fiscp. And if the concept may surprise, it seems to be bearing fruit.

Smoking during pregnancy can have negative consequences for the baby’s health and in utero development : miscarriages, premature delivery, stunted growth, and other respiratory illnesses are among the main risks of maternal smoking. Even if women are well aware of this, 18% of them still continue to smoke during the last semester of their pregnancy. A much higher figure in certain regions such as Brittany where the rate of pregnant women who continue to smoke during the third trimester of their pregnancy is 28%.

Should pregnant women be paid to quit smoking?

In view of these results, the urgency of more effective awareness-raising regarding the harm of tobacco on the unborn baby led the regional health agency in the Brittany region and the National Association for Prevention in Alcohology and Addiction (Anpaa) to organize a symposium in Rennes this January 28, concerning the most effective methods and the reluctance of pregnant women, such as reports 20 Minutes. The opportunity for Martine Breton, midwife and tobacco specialist at the CHU Brest, to share a experimental study called Fiscp and which consists of to pay women who stopped smoking during their pregnancy. Indeed, for theto encourage people to quit smoking during these nine months, compensation was set up for several months in several hospitals in France with 460 pregnant pregnant women smoking at least 5 cigarettes per day.

Up to 300 euros per key

The deal: offer a 20 euros voucher to the expectant mother at the end of each consultation if she hasn’t resumed smoking. And to attest to her abstinence, she must undergo a carbon monoxide test. In fact, a pregnant woman who participated in this study since the beginning of her pregnancy can hope to perceive in total up to 300 euros in vouchers usable in several shops, including childcare signs. While it may shock some, this initiative nevertheless seems effective.

Much more economical compensation for Safely

Indeed, if we do not yet have the results that should appear in June, this experiment is not the first of its kind. Already in 2015, a Scottish study had established financial compensation for pregnant women who smoked and compared the rate ofsmoking cessation with that of future smoking mothers who were not paid. Results: almost 1/4 of the women who received a voucher had stop smoking against only 9% among the others. This figure is sobering, especially since this distribution of vouchers would be significantly less expensive for social security that the costs incurred during the treatment of tobacco-related illnesses during pregnancy for both the mother and her baby, specify the British researchers,

And you, did you continue to smoke during your pregnancy? Do you think a reward could be effective? Give your opinion on the forum !

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