Nutritionist shares her simple tip for losing belly

Nutritionist shares her simple tip for losing belly

Losing a stomach is a battle fought in vain by many of us. However, a simple trick to refine your abdominal belt exists. Alexandra Dalu is a nutritionist and co-presents the special show of E = M6 with Mac Lesggy Why I gain weight, how I lose weight, broadcast on m6 Monday May 6 at 9 p.m. It gives us the secret to lose stomach.

“To lose abdominal fat, you have to play sports and it needs sleep well”, reveals the specialist. “Lack of sleep and disturbed sleep make you gain fat”, she adds.

Monitor sleep

How to explain this phenomenon ? “It’s a bit science fiction”, jokes Alexandra Dalu, who explains: “When you sleep well, you have good hormones that are manufactured and that will reduce this fat mass (…) You have a healthy weight that will be established ”, she informs.

“You have to solve the problem with your doctorinsomnia, falling asleep or waking up at night (…) and take a testSleep Apnea to know if we are not suffering ”, recommends the specialist. Poor sleep can be a cause, “It’s not just food that will make you fat.”

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