Normal or not normal? Nora Hamzawi deciphers our somewhat bizarre romantic behavior

Normal ou pas normal ? Nora Hamzawi décrypte nos comportements amoureux un peu bizarres

Pressing F5 frantically in the hope that Robert will answer us, provoking arguments with his boyfriend when everything is fine … On the heart, we sometimes act strangely. Nora Hamzawi, who has just published “30 years (10 years of therapy)”, deciphers with us our rather shady romantic behavior.

You listen Nora hamzawi on France Inter, you read it in Grazia, you applaud him on stage … In December 2016, the famous humorist released a delightful and reassuring book at Mazarine Editions. In 30 years (10 years of therapy), Nora shares her moods with her audience and it feels good. The idea: if you regularly wonder if you are normal, do not doubt any more. His introspection without filters helps to put things into perspective. So when we asked ourselves at the editorial office if we were “normal” or “not normal” with our strange actions in love, of the type listening to Celine Dion thoroughly to mourn her ex by finding it pretty or ogling the new girl for hours from Robert on Instagram by comparing himself, we thought that Nora was the right person to interview. Take a look.

Excite on the F5 key on his keyboard hoping for an email from his ex, normal or not normal?
Nora’s opinion: Sad and normal. It’s almost like superstition or superpower, we tell ourselves that by dint of doing it it will cause something. A bit like when you wait for a phone call and think you will be able to ring the phone just by fixing it intensely …

Put three hours in a row the photo of his new girlfriend by comparing himself, normal or not normal?
Nora’s opinion: Normal if it is overall better screwed up, better undermined, better styled. But beyond watching the photo, it becomes interesting when we start to draw up a psychological portrait based on nothing, like: no, but it shows that she is not happy, there she smiles, but in real c ‘ is the kind of super depressing girl, he’ll find out later.

Send an SMS to yourself to verify that our phone works when we expect an SMS from a guy met last night, normal or not normal?
Nora’s opinion: So no. But I understand the process. I prefer once again just to fix my phone, at the limit to shake it a little, but I do not send me text messages. And then there would have written what: hello you? No. No.

To provoke an argument when we are quiet and our partner is adorable, normal or not normal?
Nora’s opinion: Yes, it can be linked to many things, hormones, a recurring memory, PMS, a poorly interpreted gesture, the reasons are endless…

Not to say in the evening that we have been made up for 4 years and pretend to be single just to see, normal or not normal?
Nora’s opinion: Let’s say it is better not to have mutual friends at the party otherwise it is clearly not normal.

Memorize his ex’s phone number before deleting it from his phone, normal or not normal?
Nora’s opinion: To do what ?

Put Céline Dion to the bottom to mourn her love and find the scene pretty, normal or not normal?
Nora’s opinion: Yes yes it is important to be moved and to self-dramatize. On the other hand I would not have chosen Céline Dion which is already very marked in Bridget Jones or in other films, it is important to have its own soundtrack.

Make statistics on the return of a guy, like in my opinion there is a 70% chance that he will return, normal or not normal?
Nora’s opinion: More normal than the people who ask us if we think he’s going to come back when at the base we don’t even know the guy. But sad.

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30 years (10 years of therapy)
By Nora Hamzawi
Ed. Mazarine
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30 years old (10 years of therapy), Nora Hamzawi © Mazarine

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