Mothers, again accompanied by future dads in maternity

Les mères, de nouveau accompagnées par les futurs papas à la maternité

The CNGOF recommends that maternity hospitals facilitate the presence of fathers during childbirth, including during postpartum. They may also be present during the essential consultations and ultrasounds, under certain conditions.

[Mise à jour du 29 avril à 11h52]. Since the start of confinement, dads could only attend childbirth (in some maternities) and the 2 hours following the birth of their baby. In a press release issued on April 27, the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF) advises maternities to soften this system and gradually reopen their doors. The CNGOF thus suggests that the accompanying persons be present during the essential consultations, during ultrasounds, during childbirth and during the postpartum stay. In addition, gynecologists advise the systematic search for clinical signs of COVID-19 in the mother and accompanying person, rubbing the hands with an alcoholic solution in the presence of a health professional and wearing a mask for future parents. The latter must stay away from other couples in the waiting rooms and, in the bedroom or birthing room, the accompanying person must undertake to remain confined for the duration of their presence in order to avoid as much as possible the comings and goings“‘.

The presence of fathers at childbirth

In the birthing room, the principles laid down in a press release published on March 27 remain the same. To minimize the risk of contamination of caregivers and other patients, the CNGOF sets out its recommendations regarding coronavirus :

In the delivery room, the papa will not be able to go out during the whole duration of the childbirth, and this “under no pretext (drink eat, smoke …). In the event of discharge, he must permanently leave the hospital. If he wants to go to the bathroom, “the father must ring the bell”. The CNGOF also recommends having cookies, or cereal bars in the delivery bag, although a “meal will be offered if possible”.

What about a cesarean? It is possible to accept the presence of a companion during a caesarean according to the habits of the team and if conditions allow. The father must wear a block outfit and a surgical mask and rub before and after applying the mask.

The presence of fathers in childbirth

Since the length of stay has been shortened, the father must avoid leaving the establishment. “If the stay is longer or the companion cannot stay overnight, only one visit is authorized per day, any outing is considered final and only a return the next day may be authorized“, specify the gynecologists. For more security, the father must wear a mask and rub his hands often with a hydroalcoholic solution. The CNGOF recommends transforming the double rooms into single rooms and, in case this is impossible, to ensure compliance with barrier gestures and to prohibit the permanent presence of an accompanying person.

Beware of home births

The National Union of Obstetrician Gynecologists of France joins the CNGOF to warn future parents who are tempted todeliver at home to compensate for the father’s absence on the day of delivery.They should be warned of the risks to which they would be exposed in view of the difficulties of the current healthcare system. In the event of a problem, the overwhelmed SAMUs may not arrive in time and the responsiveness of the emergency services for the management of hemorrhages of home delivery will not be the same in the health crisis we are experiencing “ warns the Union in a press release dated March 30.

Breastfeeding, baby: what if the mom is positive at Covid-19?

After delivery, if the mother is a carrier of the virus, she will have to wear a surgical mask at all times. Insofar as there is no passage of the virus in milk, “direct breastfeeding or feeding after expressing milk is possible in a mother suspected or confirmed of COVID-19 infection”, specify the gynecologists. It is therefore essential, for all mothers who have just welcomed their newborn, to comply with strict hygiene rules, with:

  • regular hand washing with soapy water,, baby
  • rubbing hands with a hydro-alcoholic solution each time before taking care of the baby,
  • wait until the hands are dry before taking the baby,
  • do not touch the mask or face,
  • complete by washing the breasts with mild, odorless soap and water.
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