#MonPostPartum: mothers finally break taboo after childbirth

#MonPostPartum : les mères brisent enfin le tabou après l

To raise awareness of postpartum difficulties, women use social networks to share their experiences after giving birth, with the hashtag #MonPostPartum. Finally the end of a taboo?

During pregnancy, the pregnant woman is the object of all attention. We take care of her, we pamper her, we take care of her diet and her health. We prepare her for childbirth, we talk about breastfeeding, baby care. But do we tell her about the intense upheaval she is about to experience? Not that of the birth of her baby, but of what happens after childbirth, this period shrouded in mystery that is the postpartum. The term itself is almost a mystery to many future parents. Like an ultimate taboo that should not be talked about. After the Oscars, the American brand Frida mom, specialized in post-delivery products, revealed that the Motion Picture Academy had censored its advertisement deemed too “explicit“A spot which depicts a woman who has just given birth. Her baby is crying in the middle of the night, she gets up to go to the bathroom. Her gait is hesitant and painful, her belly is still very rounded and she is wearing a thick sanitary napkin Glamor? No. Realistic! Necessary? Absolutely.

The hashtag #MonPostPartum to testify to the reality after childbirth

In recent days, we have seen emerge on the hashtag #monpostpartum on social networks. A unique opportunity for hundreds of women to share their experience and talk about everything that is not said: blood loss, clots, pain, crying, inability to sit, contractions, difficulty in bowel movement, urinary leakage, the episiotomy scar that pulls, that empty stomach yet very round … Testimonies that make you think and wonder why the postpartum remains so taboo. Indeed, many mothers make the same observation: they felt very alone after the birth of their child and especially completely destitute in the face of physical and mental symptoms they had never imagined. And what about this maternal instinct that is praised so much and which is however an illusion. Hopefully this hashtag allows mothers to finally speak. To exorcise but also to educate other women, and also men. As Masha, the co-creator of the movement, says: “#MonPostpartum is not a contest on who suffered the most as I have read. This # is used to release a padlocked speech“.

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