Money slavering: a sado-maso report where giving money makes you enjoy

Money slavering : un rapport sado-maso où donner de l

It is a new form of sexual pleasure which takes The Web by assault. The principle of Money Slavering is that men pay and cover their “dominatrixes” with gifts to reach orgasm. But where the money flows, the touts are not far … Zoom on this very juicy BDSM delirium which elevates women to the rank of leeched and profitable queen.

Facebook groups, classified ads, Twitter and Instagram accounts: the Internet is full of hashtags and sites behind which women offer their favors to “pigeons”, men who bow to their whims and fill them with money and gifts. What kind of males could meet these kinds of requirements? Those who find pleasure in being dominated and trampled by their “mistresses or “princesses”, very often young ladies whom they only know virtually.
Venal women? The “queens” of money slavering (financial slavery in English) are not required to offer sexual favors to their “slave” and admit that this is there serious, long-term work where trust is the watchword.“It is wrongly believed that it is easy, whereas it is false. You can tell a submissive to pay money once, but if in return nothing happens, he will not come back a second time “, ensures Ibicella, who presents herself as a humiliator at Huffington Post.

Insults, bondages and payments in kind

How can you find pleasure in giving money to a stranger? Most of the time, followers of sado-samochist practices are looking for mistreatment. It is in the pain and domination of the other – here women – that they find their pleasure. Treat them like beasts, insulted and stripped of their money, moneyslaves seem close to the profile of the stressed executive, in lack of confidence, with an unfavorable physique and in search of sensations.The anxiety of many men is not to succeed in making the woman come. I think that here is also a game which makes it possible to make sure that we have made him enjoy, in a certain way “, explains Sophie Cadalen, psychoanalyst and writer at the site Open minded.

There are various ways to be plucked by your domina:

Shared wishlists, account Paypal or Common pot to replenish, the classic window shopping but also cash payment right in front of the bank machine … ideas abound!
In return, the slave has the right (or can be refused, which would increase his excitement) to a bondage session, insults, nude photos shared on the Internet … Theodora, American professional dominatrix shares one of her paid humiliations at Huffington Post. I have three telephone lines: a line called “scam” where the submissive pays a hundred dollars a minute, one to be able to speak to me – when they want to ask me for permission to enjoy, for example – which varies between thirty and seventy dollars the minute. And finally, a line “ignore” at nineteen dollars a minute. They call me, but I don’t speak to them. They like to be ignored. Finally, it’s a gameā€¦ Even being ignored is a game, there is an exchange. ”

For Divine Di, 24 years old and American dominatrix next to his work, the rewards take another turn. “To a man, I was able to give him the chewing gum that I was chewing, or whip him with his own belt in a corner. To another, I asked him to follow me by crawling. ”
You will understand, a good domineering must be creative. But, since then, the crisis has passed through there. And what started out as an exchange of good practices is gradually turning into an interesting business open to everyone.

The moneyslavering or the eldorado of idle women

Today, the world of moneyslavering experiences changes on the demand and supply side: men are less generous and women, in addition to being very numerous “offer their services” begging for gifts, money, travel, etc. no longer seem to be looking for a sugar daddy who will pay their errands only in search of sexual intercourse. Some embark on the adventure out of curiosity but above all to make easy money.“What interests us is not the psychology of the thing but the money flowing” admits to NEON a 45-year-old dominatrix who tried it after seeing her daughter spoiled by moneyslaves.
Another, aged 27 and from Marseille, admits having plunged into this universe to remedy her financial problems. It was either I worked at FNAC, or I was looking for something easy … “, we read in the magazine. “Before the crisis, moneyslavering was more profitable. I went to get my warrant every day. It all disappeared […] submissives drop 5 to 15 euros. It has become a pigeon, a scam “, she continues. A sad reality which recalls that where some would pay to be free, others are ready to humiliate for money …

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