Milk Gallia: after the worms, a mother discovers an insect

Lait Gallia : après les vers, une maman découvre un insecte

After numerous complaints from parents who found a worm and larvae in their Gallia infant milk can, a mother has just discovered the presence of an insect while preparing her daughter’s bottle.

[Mise à jour du 20 avril à 10h]. The Gallia infant milk never ceases to be talked about! In February and March of this year, several families complained after having found a worm or larvae in the milk can in powder. This time, a mother living in Saint-Etienne, who discovered a living insect while preparing the bottle for her three-month-old daughter. “I realized that there was a brown foreign body. By putting it on the work plan, I saw that it was moving and that it looked like a kind of larva or insect, I don’t know … But it had nothing to do in the milk box from the little“says Anaïs, 28, on France Bleu. “It is still serious to come to doubt today the milk that we give to our baby, it is supposed to be controlled all the same. It is worrying”, she adds.

What do Gallia laboratories do?

At a press conference held last February, Danone’s chief financial officer, Cécile Cabanis, tried to give an explanation. “Several hypotheses can explain the presence of an insect : the conditions of transport, storage in warehouse, conservation, etc “. She also clarified that powdered milk did not pass through the air during the production chain. “It travels in closed pipes and is conditioned in a protective atmosphere with less than 2% oxygen, making it impossible for a living organism to survive in these conditions.“, she added. After this new reported case, Gallia Laboratories should analyze the infant milk can. But the brand continues to claim that no presence of larvae has been identified in the production process and that there is no failure in the logistics circuit. “In the exceptional context of COVID19, the additional analyzes we carry out take longer. We are committed to getting back to you as soon as possible“specifies Gallia.

Worms in Gallia milk

Parents filed a complaint on February 25 against the Gallia laboratories after finding a worm in infant milk, that their baby has regurgitated in November 2019 while drinking her baby bottle. Little Ylonna, three and a half months old, had a fever reaching 41 degrees. The parents then took her to the emergency room where tests were done, but no bacteria were found in the blood. The baby’s condition does not improve once she returns home, and it is only a few days later that the maternal assistant realizes that the child regurgitates a worm.I took a magnifying glass to look. This creature was 6-7 cm and was still moving! said the mother in her deposition at the police station. “The worm was analyzed and the hospital concluded that a parasitic worm“which was foreign to the organism. The worm therefore comes from milk powder.”Parents living The Landes have experienced the same situation with their baby, with the difference that they found the living larva floating in the bottle“said the mother to the newspaper Ouest France. On February 10, a family from Puy de Dome who in turn discovers a worm while preparing the bottle of milk of her 2 and a half month old baby. “When I was preparing it, I saw a black dot on the surface, it dumbfounded me. Afterwards, I saw it move and, as a few weeks ago I had read that there was a worm which had been found in the milk, I made at that time the reconciliation. As it was the same brand, I immediately thought of a larva, a worm …“, says the mother to France Bleu, which has also decided to file a complaint against the brand of infant milk Gallia, manufactured by the Danone group. According to RTL, there are in total 9 families concerned, including a new case in the Var.

Which Gallia milks are affected by the presence of worms?

Each time it is the same brand of Gallia infant milk, but not of the same references, especially with regard to age. “My clients found a worm in a tin of Galliagest infant milk 0-6 months, others in one can of milk powder 6-12 months, specifies Arnaud Constans, lawyer of the family living in the commune of Bourboule, in Puy-de-Dôme. “So we have the impression that the entire production chain is contaminated“According to RTL,”four different Gallia brand milks are concerned: the galliagest 0-6 months, the calisma 1st and 3rd age and the Gallia AR 2nd age “

How did the parents react?

The parents had the reflex to contact immediately on the 15th. But what worries them is above all to know what milk to give their baby. “On this point, some elements diverge: Gallia suggested to parents to use cow’s milk, while 15 recommended another more suitable infant formula nutrition for babies. My clients had to open a pharmacy in the middle of the night to find infant milk. They then went to the emergency room, but in the absence of symptoms, the child was ultimately not examined!“, specifies the lawyer of the family who complained last February. As for the risks for the newborn, it is difficult to pronounce in this precise case since the child already had a fever before taking milk .

What to do if you have a can of Gallia milk?

As soon as the parents notice the presence of a worm, “it is recommended to close the box tightly, set it aside and notify Gallia with the lot reference number so that they can carry out an internal investigation“, advises Arnaud Constans. He also recommends that the families concerned take advice from a pediatrician or a pharmacist in order to find an alternative milk which will suit the child, and to file a complaint by notifying the departmental directorate for the protection of populations (DDPP) of the Rhône (on which the Gallia brand depends).

A toll free number, no product recall?

Gallia laboratories launch a toll free number: 0 800 202 202 (free calls 24/7) and recommend to parents who have discovered a worm in baby milk cans send them for analysis. But why did the Danone group not immediately recall all the boxes of Gallia infant formulas, especially since the first case discovered occurred in November 2019? “The lack of a reminder is troubling. In the end, it was the press articles about the baby regurgitating a worm that revived the case and therefore caused Gallia to react“, considers the lawyer. The goal: that all the lots concerned are withdrawn from the market to avoid that other parents find themselves in the same situation.

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