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Microbiota: slimming is in our belly!

Microbiote : la minceur est dans notre ventre !

Deciphering our intestinal flora is a major asset in terms of weight loss, because it plays an essential role that we are finally starting to take into account.

For a long time, we reduced weight problems to simple calorie balances: if we put on weight, it’s because we absorb more energy than we spent, period. But science has come to overturn these notions, in particular thanks to the increasingly precise knowledge of our microbiota, that is to say of our intestinal flora. Indeed, the bacteria that constitute it make a real difference, and explain in particular how the impact of food is not the same for everyone.

Bacteria involved in overweight

These bacteria that populate our digestive system (especially the colon) are indeed extremely numerous (around 100,000 billion) and of several hundred, even thousands of species, grouped into large families. But they also have specific roles, including that of digesting and assimilating the food ingested, with more or less efficiency … However, we now know that the microbiota of an obese person is different from that of a thin person , and that certain bacteria families are more or less numerous. Thus, those of the Firmicutes family, are over-represented in overweight people, while this bacterial population contributes particularly to the digestion of fats from the diet: they tend to “save” the energy thus recovered, thus favoring weight gain. At the same time, Bacteroids are not very present, although they are associated with a slim morphology. And today, we know that the reaction to a food consumed varies depending on the microbiota of the person who eats it … and that it influences blood sugar, elevation of blood sugar which is also the initial stage of storage under form of fat.

Soon, 100% personalized diets?

Already, research has been done with volunteers, to build tailor-made diets that would allow everyone to lose weight based on their body’s personal reactions to different foods. In the same way, gaining weight after a diet could be linked to the microbiota: for example, researchers made diets in mice, causing gain and then loss of weight consecutively, and realized that then, even thin , these mice grew faster than the others, because their microbiota had changed and harbored bacteria that promote weight gain. According to them, successive diets would disrupt the microbiota, which would then be more prone to fattening!

Slimming thanks to the microbiota

Research on the intestinal flora, as well as its direct applications on health and slimming, are only in their infancy. But already, we have understood that “fit” belly with a balanced flora, is an asset in terms of slimming. Already, we are seeing food programs targeted on the microbiota. So the book “The Intelligence of the Gut “, by Dr. Michael Mosley, Leduc. S editions, offers to free oneself from the addiction to sugar and to naturally lose weight by re-initializing one’s microbiota thanks to an adapted diet. We also see appearing slimming food supplements targeted on the intestinal flora, such as Minci Flora de Poméol, which regenerates 4 types of good bacteria to modify the composition of the microbiota, thus rebalanced and more varied, therefore more likely to function well. Objective of this supplement: reduce resistance to weight loss and reactivate the body’s natural capacities to lose weight, in addition to capturing calories thanks to its fibers.

On the same concept, the food supplement Classi® of aragan provides targeted bacteria to promote thinning, thicken the intestinal mucosa and produce CLA with a slimming effect. Finally, those who wish to lose weight but who have digestive concerns (pain, transit disorders) can test the brand new Happybiote program (info on happybiote.fr), designed as a reset of the flora: this 6-week abdominal detox (no sugars or starchy foods, dairy products, gluten) is associated with a high consumption of vegetables and fermented foods. We are closely followed by a coach, with menus and recipes provided, telephone meetings and effective support via a private facebook group: we lose our extra pounds, and we transform our diet to pamper our stomachs.

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