Meetic, Tinder et cie non merci: how to find love?

Meetic, Tinder et cie non merci : comment trouver l

Dating sites and apps, for you, it’s no! The virtual kills the thrill of love. But how do you find the man of your dreams without this essential tool? Using their mechanism… IRL, of course! Demo in 4 tips.

Just yesterday, your aunt asked you where you were in your love search. You looked down, she understood and then suggested “dating sites my pretty”. But for you, this is out of the question! You are sure of one thing: you want to live a real meeting, a love at first sight, without resolving to connect to an app or a site. How to find love without being online? We show you how to use the concept of dating apps in real life to find the gem!

I work my profile

Yes, in the same way that I take care of my photo online, I take care of my image in reality. Taking care of my image does not mean going out Photoshop, either in black and white or in duckface, but simply feeling good in your shoes while noting that according to “my photo” I send signals! Too vulgar? Too discreet? I put my nose outside with a quickdraw that suits me. And I remain consistent, as on the Internet: I do not show a completely distorted image of me. I am who I am, I don’t cheat.

I geolocate myself

Online, we indicate where we are to see which boys roam around us. In real life, I just have to move and open my eyes, it’s the same thing. Since I will not find love locked up at home, I go out, I multiply my chances by pinning myself all over the city! No need to geolocate in a nightclub if that’s not his thing. Tennis lessons also work. Even on the bus. In short, it works everywhere, except at home. Unless my roommate caught my eye. But it’s a shame, he’s on Tinder.

I rely on friends of friends

The apps understand this: the world is small. So much so that they show us, or almost all, the common friends we have with this or that profile. What could be more reassuring than a boy who went to nursery school with this old colleague of ours? In any case, the man in our life may be the friend of a friend of a friend. So without being connected, I gently force the links in real life by accepting birthday parties and weddings and all those parties that bring together people, a lot of people. Basically, I do the same job as the app but with my head raised and the network of my network in front of me, dancing.

I chat with lots of boys

Online, we choose who we talk to. Why not reproduce this opportunity in real life? I take a detour to a street or in the evening. More difficult than behind a screen? Certainly. But will I die from it? No. It’s even rather nice: I dare, I shiver, and whatever the outcome, I’m proud of myself. It would have been a shame to zap that boy. Because well, on the apps, we find the whole Earth, but I don’t forget that in real life too; you just have to approach my targets … with my feet, rather than my fingers.

4 things anyway better in real life
  • We don’t have to wait for a match when we like a man: we can go for it
  • We don’t pay to go back if we just ran into a handsome boy on the boulevard
  • Approach a man and say “Hi, how are you?” with a funny tone, it goes much better than in a chat
  • If we come across our father by chance, it’s not too annoying

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