Marion Bartoli finally reveals the truth about her spectacular weight loss after Wimbledon

Marion Bartoli finally reveals the truth about her spectacular weight loss after Wimbledon

“To be reborn”. A strong word, which the former tennis champion Marion Bartoli chose as the title of her book, to be published on April 24 at Flammarion editions. In this autobiography, the one who won the Wimbledon tournament in 2013 opens her heart to her doubts, her disappointments, her romantic relationships, but also her weight.

And for good reason: in 2016, Marion Bartoli lost more than 30 kilos in one year. While she weighed between 72 and 75 kilos for 1m69, she descends to 41 kilos, and is hospitalized. The origin of this worrying weight loss according to the young woman? A regime, a destructive romantic relationship and a virus contracted in India.

“A draconian diet”

For the first time, the former tennis player gave more details about this painful period. In an extract from his book unveiled exclusively by Gala, she writes :

“I can’t take it anymore all day long:‘ You’re fat, you have fat on your stomach ’. I’m dying to see D. bad for the thinness of the other girls. I decide to impose myself diet draconian, but I don’t tell anyone. This is my new challenge for 2015. Losing weight at full speed. I won Wimbledon well, I can become a twig. Coke Light. D. is joining me in Miami. He loves the sun and Key Biscayne is not unpleasant when all costs paid by a good pear. Coke Light. In the evening, I have very little dinner, Caesar salads without sauce without croutons and without Parmesan. D., you like women who quibble and who are quickly full ? I find myself in his cold, slender arms. I feel lighter, finer, more desirable. I am proud of myself”.

Today, Marion Bartoli is doing better. After announcing her return to the tennis courts in March 2018, the former champion finally gave up trying to compete again at a high level, and became a sports consultant. Since late 2018, she has been coaching Lucie Wagner, a young French tennis player, in Dubai.

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