Love, sex and new technologies, in bed with apps

Amour, sexe et nouvelles technologies, au lit avec les applis

At the time of hugs 2.0, we take advantage of technological advances to deepen … our sex knowledge. Discover your clitoris, learn to masturbate, have fun with your partner is now at hand and on the phone. Zoom on naughty applications that do good.

We knew the digital tools to follow your menstrual cycle or discover the positions of the Kamasutra … Forget these boring apps and turn instead to those that can help you know and love your body! Masturbation, naughty games, protections: in 2019, the lethal weapon is in our pocket. Strip poker? In the dungeons! Say yes to online sex thanks to our selection of applications to meet your body, your desires and your desires.

Happy Couple, to know each other at your fingertips

The application is intended to be a kind of quiz for two. Over the questions, which you and your partner answer (in all honesty, we said!) you unlock challenges to do and advice to improve your relationship and start the discussion. Note that the application is aimed at both recent and former couples, homosexuals or heterosexuals. A real little social network to keep in touch and get to know each other a little more each day!

Kegel coach, a private coach to build muscle in the perineum

Kegel coach is a tool for those who wish to strengthen the muscles of their pelvic floor. Easy to use with different exercises that break the routine and last between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, the application knows how to be discreet with the possibility of choosing between audio signals or vibrations to guide you throughout your session.

Can’U to challenge

Naughty couples, this application is for you! Can’U allows you to send mysterious erotic pawns to your partner … Only the person who receives the challenge knows what it is about. The sender does not take cognizance of his request until the mission has been fulfilled by his half! To play, you will have to choose between 7 categories: romantic, naughty, hot, very hot, extreme, role playing and at a distance. So, tempted?

Between, your intimate space

There is only room for two in this app! Messages, emoticons, GIFs, photo album and important days: Between allows you to store those precious moments that make the cement of your story. A kind of Facebook for couples, history not to forget the important birthdays to celebrate.

TUP (Find A Condom)

Here is a tool that can be very useful in case of problems. TUP allows you to geolocate the condom sales areas as well as the screening locations closest to you. An essential to have on hand!

Tell me again !

The website Tell me is only available via his smartphone. It allows, in a fun way, to meet his clitoris and learn to coax it, to pet it … A mini video game in the form of a manga which teaches us to masturbate as it takes to reach orgasm.

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