Knee lift challenge: 30 days to have a flat stomach!

Knee lift challenge: 30 days to have a flat stomach!

Burn fat and work cardio: the benefits of knee lift on the body

Also called “knee lift”, this exercise is very effective in drawing the abdominal muscles, if done regularly.

By running on the spot and lifting one knee one after the other, the whole abdominal strap is stressed and works in depth.

Very cardio, this exercise also helps strengthen the heart and burn fat and therefore refine.

You can easily integrate this movement into a fitness routine to get the cardio up before you start, as a warm-up.

The knee climbs are also excellent for running enthusiasts, because they strengthen the hip flexors, which are very stressed during a running outing.

How to correctly perform knee lifts?

  • Standing, back straight, arms alongside your body.
  • Start running on the spot, climbing one knee as high as possible, before mounting the other knee.
  • During the movement, remember to keep the bust as straight as possible, without going either forward or backward, and by contracting the abs.
  • When you lift one knee, the opposite arm lifts up, flexed elbow.
  • Gradually increase the pace throughout the exercise.

Tip: this exercise is even more effective with a electro-stimulation belt

So, ready to take up our 30-day flat stomach challenge?

Good advice: once completed, you can repeat this 30-day routine, with a more intense rate of knee lifts.

An exercise achievable (also) in water, to tone your figure

At the sea or at the pool, it is quite possible to perform knee climbs, and you would be wrong to deprive yourself!

Indeed, when you do knee climbs in the water (ideally the body submerged to the hips approximately), the weight of the water makes the movement more intense, and the water provides a massage on the areas of the body submerged and in action. Enough to work the thighs and buttocks, reducing cellulite and the feeling of heavy legs thanks to the draining effect of water on the skin.

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